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Terrorism Prevention and Homeland Security

Secretary Michael Chertoff recently called for more vertical sharing of information and the creation of intelligence fusion while speaking of the necessity for greater citizen participation. Securing our homeland is every American's responsibility and citizens are beginning to finally take notice.

Illegal immigration into this country has been problematic for years, however not until just recently has this hot-button topic become a mainstream concern. Perhaps 9/11 was the catalyst in waking people up to the fact that our borders are vulnerable to terrorists infiltrating our country and a gateway to many other unwanted criminals. Yet a full five years after September 11th and billions of dollars later, articulating a clear vision and strategy for terrorism prevention is still lacking.

I've read various solutions from creating a type of national awareness campaign to rallying citizen groups and other faith-based organizations in emergency exercises. However, at the forefront of terrorist prevention is education; education not only for citizens through awareness campaigns, but also creating and expanding collegiate education programs nationally. Homeland Security degree programs are springing up at more and more Universities and Colleges in both online and offline formats. These programs are teaching students how to deal with issues of security, intelligence operations, emergency services and crisis management. Students are learning how to observe, assess and respond to a number of emergencies including fire, natural disasters, terrorist strikes, and corporate crime.

By educating students with formal classes in homeland security areas of study we are striking a blow at terrorism and making positive steps toward its prevention.

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