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Police and K-9 Training

After graduating with a law enforcement degree and establishing your career as a police officer, one of the many specialist jobs available is as a K-9 Officer. K-9 officers are specially trained with the skills to handle and train the dogs that perform police functions such as drug- or bomb-sniffing or search and rescue operations. K-9 dogs assist police officers with jobs that are beyond the skills or inherent abilities of humans, and they can also perform public relations functions.

Only the most dedicated officers are considered for K-9 units. Officers must have experience with arrests, convictions and be in good physical condition, as well as display a love and knowledge of dogs and how to handle and train them. A police department benefits greatly from these officers and their trained dogs, giving them an advantage in their work and help to keep criminals off the street.

Training a police dog can be a lengthy experience. It generally starts when the dog is a puppy, using basic obedience training techniques. From there, the dog is trained in the specialty to which its breed and temperament determines. German shepherds, bloodhounds, beagles, Labrador retrievers and even cocker spaniels have been used in various police functions depending on their ability to smell illegal items or track criminals, among other jobs. K-9 dogs are a valuable part of law enforcement and can help make the difference in the lives of the people they protect.

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Invasions of Cyber Privacy

When a relationship goes bad, trust issues can come to the forefront between the parties involved. If you have a computer in your home that is accessible by another member of your household or you are on a home network, chances are you have wondered from time to time if there is some sort of program or way you and your computer activity are being spied upon.

invasion of cyber privacySnoopware, or programs that record your computer and online activity on behalf of somebody else, are gaining in popularity among employers and people in the private sector. These programs can record the text you type, send copies of your personal e-mails to a third party, intercept your private communications via chats or instant messaging or distribute stealthy screen shots of the windows of your computer. Many programs like keyloggers, sniffers, or e-mail recorders can be installed remotely on a home computer or network by a professional or technically-inclined individual. Detecting these programs can be difficult for the regular computer user, as technology helps snoopware become more and more invisible. Some programs are even able to mimic the names of normal background computer processes, making them virtually undetectable and compromising your privacy, your financial information or your peace of mind.

There are Computer Security Professionals that can help determine if your computer’s security has been compromised by snoopware programs. They can have specialized software and other tools to help find out if your computer is being monitored. Many private investigators are able to detect snoopware and give you advice about how to get it off of your computer, and may even be able to tell what information was compromised and when.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing your computer, and the part of your life it contains are safe are immeasurable. Keeping one step ahead of people who try to invade your privacy can make a big difference in your feeling of security in your own life and in your own home.

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Too Few Investigators and Unsolved Crimes

DNAThere are abundant headlines about criminals convicted solely on DNA evidence, some of which has been cataloged from prior convictions or other opportunities for DNA collection. Sometimes, it’s the same collection of DNA that can help a person who has been wrongly accused from unfairly spending time in jail. From DNA backlogs to the potential loss of DNA evidence, the need for people who specialize in criminal justice, criminology and forensic science is increasing. While criminals are still on the street, pending DNA evidence to link them to their crimes, there are people in jail waiting on the same DNA evidence to be processed in order to prove their innocence.

In Washington, D.C., there are reports of the loss of DNA evidence in over 200 rape cases and the FBI reports a backlog of DNA stemming from the increase of DNA samples being collected due, in part, to the Patriot Act of 2001, the Justice for All Act of 2004 and the DNA Fingerprint Act of 2005. With this huge increase in the amount of DNA evidence collection occurring, the jobs in these fields are also on the rise as the demand for justice grows. From foreign to domestic issues, criminal justice, criminology and forensic science are career paths worth exploring.

What is needed more than ever are people to help secure and analyze this genetic evidence, keeping the backlog of information low while helping to increase the evidence used to convict criminals or keep innocent citizens out of jail. Technology is making it possible to help both of these situations, but there is still a need for qualified and educated people to fill the positions. Either way, solving crimes by collecting and securing DNA evidence is a job that saves lives and makes our lives safer.

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Wild Careers in Law Enforcement

While the economy struggles to recover and employment rates remain high, there are still opportunities available for people in law enforcement and criminal justice if they are willing to consider alternatives to traditional police and investigation jobs.
The Federal Recovery Act of 2009 has helped to maintain, and in some cases create law enforcement jobs across the country according to Since law enforcement is more than police officers and FBI agent jobs, it can help the recent criminal justice graduate to consider other jobs such as Fish and Game Warden (Wildlife Officer) or Park Ranger.

Game wardens provide a service to people as well as to wildlife within their jurisdiction. Many have the same authority as police officers, but are also responsible for the safety and protection of animals in regard to fishing, hunting, trapping and preventing citizens from abusing the animals’ natural habitats. Park rangers hold a similar position, but can also be responsible for buildings, monuments and other structures within our National Parks as well as informing people about the history and beauty of the park.

An article in USA Today reports on the lack of Park Rangers in our National Parks today and states that among other duties, “Rangers do a variety of tasks from investigating vandalism to directing traffic, issuing tickets and providing first aid. And some threats are more serious. On Memorial Day, a woman came to Fort McHenry with a knife, looking for the president.” Its these places and situations that call for specialized law enforcement to protect our national heritage.
Park Rangers and Game Wardens help keep people, wildlife, nature and important historical monuments safe by combining their interest in law enforcement with their love of nature and people.

Park Ranger Job Information
Game Warden/Wildlife Officer Job Information

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