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Invasions of Cyber Privacy

When a relationship goes bad, trust issues can come to the forefront between the parties involved. If you have a computer in your home that is accessible by another member of your household or you are on a home network, chances are you have wondered from time to time if there is some sort of program or way you and your computer activity are being spied upon.

invasion of cyber privacySnoopware, or programs that record your computer and online activity on behalf of somebody else, are gaining in popularity among employers and people in the private sector. These programs can record the text you type, send copies of your personal e-mails to a third party, intercept your private communications via chats or instant messaging or distribute stealthy screen shots of the windows of your computer. Many programs like keyloggers, sniffers, or e-mail recorders can be installed remotely on a home computer or network by a professional or technically-inclined individual. Detecting these programs can be difficult for the regular computer user, as technology helps snoopware become more and more invisible. Some programs are even able to mimic the names of normal background computer processes, making them virtually undetectable and compromising your privacy, your financial information or your peace of mind.

There are Computer Security Professionals that can help determine if your computer’s security has been compromised by snoopware programs. They can have specialized software and other tools to help find out if your computer is being monitored. Many private investigators are able to detect snoopware and give you advice about how to get it off of your computer, and may even be able to tell what information was compromised and when.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing your computer, and the part of your life it contains are safe are immeasurable. Keeping one step ahead of people who try to invade your privacy can make a big difference in your feeling of security in your own life and in your own home.

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