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While the economy struggles to recover and employment rates remain high, there are still opportunities available for people in law enforcement and criminal justice if they are willing to consider alternatives to traditional police and investigation jobs.
The Federal Recovery Act of 2009 has helped to maintain, and in some cases create law enforcement jobs across the country according to Since law enforcement is more than police officers and FBI agent jobs, it can help the recent criminal justice graduate to consider other jobs such as Fish and Game Warden (Wildlife Officer) or Park Ranger.

Game wardens provide a service to people as well as to wildlife within their jurisdiction. Many have the same authority as police officers, but are also responsible for the safety and protection of animals in regard to fishing, hunting, trapping and preventing citizens from abusing the animals’ natural habitats. Park rangers hold a similar position, but can also be responsible for buildings, monuments and other structures within our National Parks as well as informing people about the history and beauty of the park.

An article in USA Today reports on the lack of Park Rangers in our National Parks today and states that among other duties, “Rangers do a variety of tasks from investigating vandalism to directing traffic, issuing tickets and providing first aid. And some threats are more serious. On Memorial Day, a woman came to Fort McHenry with a knife, looking for the president.” Its these places and situations that call for specialized law enforcement to protect our national heritage.
Park Rangers and Game Wardens help keep people, wildlife, nature and important historical monuments safe by combining their interest in law enforcement with their love of nature and people.

Park Ranger Job Information
Game Warden/Wildlife Officer Job Information

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