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Keeping drunk drivers off the roads is a never-ending battle for both private organizations like MADD as well as for the police officers who have to perform DUI or field sobriety tests. Drunk driving kills one person every 39 minutes each year in the United States, and repeat offenders are often part of this number of deaths.

There are tools a court can use in order to stop a repeat offender from driving drunk. Breathalyzer units may be attached to a car’s ignition, disabling the car if the offender’s blood alcohol level (BAL) is above a set limit. There are even some breathalyzer devices that will do “spot checks” on the individual as they are driving, automatically stopping the car if they do not comply with the breath test, in case they try to beat the system and continue to drink and drive after their initial breath test.

A Police Officer’s training in DUI arrests and field sobriety tests can vary according to their own local laws and regulations. Some of the methods for determining whether a person is sober or not include the “one leg stand,” counting backwards or reciting a part of the alphabet. Police officers are trained to observe the results of these tests, and by their findings, can proceed with further testing, including breathalyzer tests, or arrest a suspect on the suspicion of DUI.

With the high number of fatalities related to people driving under the influence of alcohol, police officers are challenged more than ever to keep sobriety on the roads. Through technology and field sobriety testing, the number of people who drive under the influence of alcohol will continue to decrease, keeping our roads, families and friends safe and sound.

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