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Fingerprinting Technology

When it comes to crime scene investigation, there are many different ways that a Crime Scene Investigator can link the crime in question to a potential criminal. At a crime scene, sometimes there are obvious clues that point to the perpetrator, but many times, it takes a professional team and advanced technology to piece together evidence in order to find and convict a person who has committed an illegal act. Placing a suspect at the scene of a crime is a big step in any investigation, and the methods in which that link may be established range from DNA to hair samples to fingerprints. Since fingerprints are unique to an individual, fingerprinting has long been used as a way to link a suspect to a crime scenes and criminal acts. While not a perfect science, it is a valuable tool in the quest to solve crimes.

Fingerprinting technology has advanced beyond identifying criminals. It is now possible to use fingerprints to detect drug use or provide a means of security through fingerprint security systems. Police officers and crime scene investigators can also use portable fingerprint scanning devices in order to immediately identify potential suspects. It is this ability to identify people or illegal substances at the scene of the crime that can help expedite arrests and even convictions, as well as rule out others as suspects.

There are many reasons to utilize new fingerprinting technologies and gadgets to help solve or deter crime quickly and efficiently. Technology is advancing the methods of identifying people, driving new security devices and even helping the fight against illegal drugs, all through the study of fingerprints.

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