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When a crime is committed against another person’s body or personal items, it’s a tragedy that echos throughout the respective community, creating a localized environment of fear and vigilance. So-called “white collar” crimes like fraud affect everyone, leading people into a false sense of security and impacting them on a financial level. Fraud, in insurance, banking, online or otherwise has a significant impression on the way that we all live our lives and it pays to be aware of this increasing problem.

fraud managementThe three main occupational fraud categories: asset misappropriation, fraudulent statements, and bribery and corruption are pervasive and increasing as the Internet helps create an environment of anonymity. Criminal justice and Fraud Management professionals are aware of the problems that fraud can cause and can help stop the crimes before they happen, or collect evidence needed to convict the perpetrators. Businesses are thought to lose 5% of their revenue due to fraud, and those losses can be passed down to consumers by increasing prices, affecting more than just the original victim of fraud. Fraud Management Specialists are able to help combat these types of criminals by educating the public, tracking down information to help indict or convict those who commit fraud and keeping on top of the ways that fraud can be perpetrated.

In order to fight against those who seek to commit fraud in any of its forms, specialists who can identify and prevent potential ways fraud can occur are needed. The safety and security they provide through their efforts help everybody increase their own feelings of security and well-being in the face of crimes that affect us all.

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