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Got Speed? Court Reporters are in Demand!

court reporterCourt reporting and stenography may seem like a career option from the past considering technological innovations in audio recording that can benefit a court room, but the options that are available to a person with the education and experience as a Court Reporter are expanding. The number of jobs for court reporters, now 21,500 nationwide, is expected to grow 18 percent from 2008 through 2018, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor rates the career prospects "excellent." It may seem that the technologically-advanced audio recording systems in use today may be able to fully document a case in court, but there is still a need for a transcriptionist with legal experience to interpret the language used by lawyers, judges and the people who take the stand. Along with the newest technologies available for audio recording, a human interpreter is needed to translate the nuances of verbal communication into documents that can be read and understood by other humans, whether in legal or other communication-based fields.

As an official Information Technology career, court reporters may also have the option of using their skills in a way that benefits the hearing-impaired community. By learning how to rapidly transcribe what is heard into text, there is a whole world of other jobs for those with court reporting experience, including working for companies who provide closed-captioning or subtitles for television and movies. The Internet is also looking for "web casting" reporters who can transcribe text instantly for online seminars, meetings, workshops and seminars.

From shorthand to stenography to dictaphones, and now with audio recording devices, a Court Reporter's job is never done. No IT device can replace the human advantage of deciphering emotion or other linguistic nuances in the court, on television, or both.

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