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Mediators Without Borders

When you think of mediation, does your mind automatically go to family law issues or corporate settlements? Mediators are involved in all aspects of conflict resolution, from divorce to human resources issues to corporate arbitration and beyond. Mediators are peace-makers, in every sense, and their jobs can go far beyond local or national laws. Many mediators begin as legal conflict resolution specialists, but with their knowledge and skills, it is possible that a mediator can affect change on a global level, as well.

Mediators Beyond Borders is an organization of mediators, negotiators, dialogue facilitators and more who are dedicated to helping communities across the globe find a way to prevent, manage, resolve and heal from conflict They began their mission in 2007 as Mediators Without Borders and began their first campaign in Liberia, trying to help liberate former child soldiers from a refugee camp. This project remains their largest international cause to date and today they are still actively providing mediation and conflict resolution services to lawyers, tribal chiefs, students and others in the area. Since the Liberia project, Mediators Without Borders has continued to provide conflict resolution in the U.S., Africa, the Middle East, South America and is even involved with the UN Climate Change Conference and has projects developing all over the world.

While the "normal” definition of mediation may seem advantageous on a small, local scale, the potential for a mediator to help facilitate compromise globally is an outstanding opportunity, giving the mediator, and the world at large, the tools to enact peace.

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