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Non-lethal Weapons

non-lethal weaponsEvery day, police officers are using non-lethal weapons in order to detain or subdue people. Non-lethal weapons are considered good alternatives to guns or other weapons, keeping more people alive and police officers able to truly protect and serve. The regular citizen can also use non-lethal weapons for personal security, giving them peace of mind and keeping criminals at bay.

Non-lethal weapons are devices that are thought to cause little permanent injury, but cause pain or physically disable a person. Some prisons and correctional officers are using non-lethal weapons like the AID or Assault Intervention Device to control the prison population. Other devices used include rubber bullets, tasers and other stun devices.

Citizens may also be able to protect themselves without the use of deadly force. Inventions including pepper spray and loud whistles can help you get away from a criminal or attract attention to a situation you cannot control, or you can opt for the fashionable and utilitarian “no contact jacket” that emits a shock to anyone who dares touch it. While personal protection devices are not a guarantee of personal safety, they can be a deterrent, and they can make the user feel somewhat more protected.

The use of non-lethal weapons by police and public safety officers and the general public are effective ways to subdue criminals and bring them to justice or control situations in which a crowd has the potential to get out of control and cause damage or harm. For your own personal protection, you can always take a self-defense course to give you better control over a bad situation and eliminate the need for extraneous devices that help protect you until a law enforcement officer can arrive.

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