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Parking and Pets

never leave animals in your carPets are wonderful additions to any family, and require little more than food, water and an abundance of love and respect for their special health needs. Many pets love to be taken outside the house and especially driven around, but in warmer climates or during summer, it is always best to leave your pet at home in the cooler air your home can provide. When temperatures soar, animals can quickly become dehydrated and die if left in a car, even with a window cracked. Temperatures can soar, leaving the animal trapped without the ability to find suitable shelter – even if its owner has just run into a store “for a minute.” The back of a pickup truck is not a suitable alternative, either. Dogs sweat through their feet and standing on a hot truck bed does nothing to help them find relief, plus there is always the danger of flying debris or the pet landing in traffic if a driver has to brake suddenly or an accident occurs.

With the late summer heat many communities are still facing, public safety officers are now focusing on the care and well being of our beloved pets and animals. It is illegal in 14 states to leave an animal in a car, and there are many other areas with local ordinances prohibiting the same issue. Violators of animal and pet safety may face jail time, a fine or both, plus a loss of the animal itself. If you happen to see an animal in a car, it is best to try to locate a local security patrol or call a non-emergency police line for assistance.

Remember that a pet depends on you for its health and well-being. Beyond food, water and regular veterinary visits, your animal trusts you to provide it with the best care possible and keep it out of dangerous situations, including your own vehicle.

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