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The Secret Service Agency was founded in 1865 in response to financial fraud and crimes including counterfeit money. Fraud and financial crime is different picture from the action-packed assumption that Secret Service agents are human bulletproof vests for the President, Vice President, their families and other political figures. Secret Service agents must enjoy a wide range of jobs within the agency that vary from computer-based investigations, personal interviews with victims and possible perpetrators of crime to the actual protection of political figures. Even in securing the safety of political figures, the job itself may be less-exciting than what is depicted in movies or seen in the news.

Secret Service agents do more than protect the lives of the leaders of our country. Some agents are tasked to stick to the agency’s roots by protecting the country’s financial infrastructure through the investigation of credit card fraud, bank fraud and identity theft, within the United States and globally. Secret Service agent jobs are based on standards of law enforcement and investigation, making it necessary for all agents to have a background in criminal justice, including cyber security, computer forensics or criminology. Many agents start off with four-year degrees in law enforcement and gain real-world experience through police departments or other criminal investigation institutions.

More commonly known, Secret Service agents protect our prominent political figures and may even be responsible for ensuring the security of visiting heads of state. All agents need to fulfill certain physical requirements in order to be considered for the job. The application process itself may take months to complete. There are numerous background checks, interviews and testing that must take place. No applicant can be over the age of 37, and all applicants must pass the screenings, exams, polygraphs and drug tests. Applicants must also be able to prove they are physically able to perform the functions of the job, and are required to attend an eight-week training camp in which they are physically tested and given intense physical training in order to begin their jobs. If new agents make it through the first year, they are more likely to be accepted as permanent Secret Service Agents.

It may be surprising to many people that fraud and counterfeiting crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the Secret Service agency, but in the matter of protecting our national security, it makes sense that our financial resources are just as vulnerable as our political figures. A career as a Secret Service agent may have you protecting the life of the President, or stopping the financial destruction of the country. All agents perform important jobs vital to the security of our nation, keeping criminals from causing harm to our lives and liberty.

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