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Terrorism in Washington, D.C.

Ashburn, Virginia is a suburban city about 30 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. Ashburn is home to the Washington Redskins training camp, thousands of residents, schools, playgrounds and businesses. It is a diverse community in which you can see residents walking around at dusk, hear the squeals of children playing and generally feel safe and secure. With the proximity to Washington, D.C., Ashburn is a desired place to live and raise a family and people from all over the world have moved to Ashburn to enjoy the life of the D.C. commuter.

dc metroRecently, a plot to bomb the D.C. Metro System was uncovered by The Department of Homeland Security. The suspect involved is a man who called Ashburn home, a naturalized citizen who lived just like all of the other Ashburn residents, with one horrific exception: the man wanted to plant bombs in four different D.C. Metro Stations. Due to the vigilance and knowledge of the FBI and their non-stop commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the population, the man was caught and is now in prison, held without bail, for the role he played in this potentially catastrophic terrorist attack.

It is threats like the D.C. Metro Bomb Plot that calls for special law enforcement and investigative training and education like Homeland Security in order to track terrorists and criminals and thwart their plans before those plans become a reality. The D.C. Metro bomb plot is not the only terrorist threat that has been stopped recently. There was also the failed Times Square car bomb plot in May, 2010, as well as incidents in Dallas, Texas, and Springfield, Illinois. More than 60 U.S. citizens have been charged or convicted in terrorism cases since last year.

While Ashburn remains a healthy community, and people are still out walking their dogs and playing at the playgrounds, the community’s shock over the D.C. Metro bomb plot is felt by its residents, as well as residents surrounding the community, and of course, people who depend on The Metro for transportation. Keeping communities like Ashburn, as well as the rest of the country safe from terrorist threats is an important job that requires the right education, training and abilities.

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