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Computer forensics specialists are part of an investigation team of law enforcement professionals who are able to retrieve digital evidence from devices like cellular phones, PDAs, computers and other electronic data storage devices. Much of this information can be used as evidence that can help to identify and possibly prosecute a criminal.

Digital crime evidence can sometimes even be extracted from deleted files and drives. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of legal cases today involve some sort of digital evidence. Text messages, digital calendars and cellular phone call history can place a suspect at a specific location, at specific times, involving a person, or exonerating a person from the crime in question. E-mails, images, and video can be produced as evidence to motive, as well as the state of mind of a suspect. Even updates on social media websites can be labeled “digital evidence,” as they show a time and place and other details of a person’s life in a public forum. Devices like that “Flasher Box,” can also help retrieve information from digital devices. It allows direct access to everything stored in memory, such as incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and deleted files in a quick an easy manner.

Digital crime evidence is helpful in many different criminal cases, but especially in fighting child abuse and child pornography. Many law enforcement agencies are using computer forensics devices in order to help with the prosecution of individuals who profit off of the abuse of children and have straightforward ways of getting rid of the electronic or digital proof of their criminal actions. With these devices and the knowledge of a Computer Forensics Specialist, more and more digital evidence is being uncovered, and more criminals are being prosecuted.

The ways in which digital crime evidence is discovered is growing as fast as the evidence itself. People’s dependence upon their electronics to help enhance and schedule their lives, as well as communicate with others is growing rapidly. It is the digital foot prints that are left by the use of these devices that enable Computer Forensics Specialists to use the data stored to keep criminals away from even our most precious citizens.

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