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Crime scenes produce large amounts of evidence that can help tie a suspect into a criminal act and lead to the arrest and conviction of a criminal. The process of discovering a criminal suspect and prosecuting them takes time, effort and specialized skills that can only be achieved through the proper education and degree programs. With the interest in television shows like CSI, and the continual development of new forensic technologies, there is a growing interest in the fields of Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigation and Medical examination. Careers in these fields remain steady, with an average annual salary of $51,480 . Those who hold a degree in Forensic Science are able to fulfill the job duties of crime laboratory analysts, crime scene investigators, medical examiners, forensic engineers and other criminal justice positions.

A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Forensic Science is the basis for a career in crime scene investigation as well as other forensic science jobs like forensic engineers, psychological profilers, and those investigators who specialize in forensics like ballistics, fingerprinting, handwriting, or even biochemistry. American InterContinental University Online offers a Bachelor of Science degree online that helps a person keep an existing job and still plan for a future career in forensic science by obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree. With a degree in forensic science, it is possible to embark on a career that is not only interesting, but one vital to the safety and security of citizens.

Forensic scientists can be employed in federal, regional, state, and local forensic laboratories; district court offices, private agencies, colleges and universities, and within the military. Forensic scientists may also be called upon as consultants or to provide expert testimony during court trials. American InterContinental University Online also provides education in DNA analysis or firearm examination, testing weapons or substances such as fiber, glass, hair, tissue and body fluids. Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice students also learn about jurisdictions, how to define the cause and manner of death, and techniques in establishing identity. Students also learn how to notify the next of kin, interview witnesses and interpreting crime scene photography and other forensic evidence.

With a degree in forensic science, it is possible to be a part of a team that helps find and convict criminals, keeping the world a safer place. Forensic science careers are interesting, diverse and promise excitement and the ability to really use one’s analytical skills in a way that helps everyone who is affected by crime.

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