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Master of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management

Emergency management professionals are tasked with the administration of public safety when natural and man-made disasters occur. Hurricanes, terrorist activity and countless other widespread emergency situations call for the professional management of crisis intervention, stress management as well as risk assessment, evaluation and analysis as well as countless other emergency and crisis-related management tasks . Emergency management professionals can be higher-level law enforcement professionals with the education and training provided by a graduate degree.

A Masters of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management Specialization from Capella University can provide the education and practical training needed to manage the needs of people during a widespread public disaster. This online degree program focuses on the understanding of personal dynamics that naturally occur during times of crisis, as well as the administrative processes put into place to help coordinate various response agencies and managing critical incidents via the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Capella University provides their Masters of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management Specialization online as a way for those currently employed or who have other commitments to increase their knowledge and achieve their educational goals. The degree teaches theory behind public safety response to disasters, cultural and ethnic influences, critical incident stress and disaster management, plus offers extra specialization in fire service administration, forensics, public health and policy or homeland security.

The Masters of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management Specialization degree from Capella University is designed to deepen your understanding of the dynamics of all phases of natural and man-made disasters, including dealing with various human reactions and issues that arise during the aftermath of a wide-ranging public safety issue. Emergency management professionals are hired by private organizations and corporations as well as government agencies like FEMA. With all of the interest in the management of public safety issues due to weather, terrorist threats and other infrastructure concerns, the career opportunities in emergency management are expected to grow. Public safety and emergency management specialists make an average salary of $55,000 annually.

When natural or man-made disasters occur, the public reaction can be just as devastating as the event itself. Qualified individuals are needed to fill the roles of emergency management professionals in order to help ease the minds of the public, put safety plans and resources into place before disasters may occur, as well as manage the aftermath of the disasters themselves.

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