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US Career Institute - Legal Transcription Certification

Legal transcription is a flexible and interesting career option for those who enjoy the court system and legal proceedings. Legal and other transcriptionists, armed with a laptop, Internet connection and the knowledge of complex legal or industry-based terminology are projected to have an 18% increase in career growth over the next decade, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. This means that jobs for those who understand legal issues and can quickly put words into text will have more opportunities to fulfill their career goals, potentially work from home or start their own business, and can make over $35,000 per year.

All courts have a legal responsibility to maintain hard-copy records of any and all legal proceedings related to all types of court cases. These legal records include trials, depositions, briefs, interrogatories and pleadings. A good legal transcriptionist must have the ability to understand legal terminology, plus have excellent typing and grammar skills. Besides working for attorneys or courts, legal transcriptionists can be employed by government agencies, transcription companies, insurance companies or even social service agencies. Some states require a legal transcriptionist to be licensed, while others will accept proof of a qualified training program or few years of actual experience in order to qualify as a legal transcriptionist.

The U.S. Career Institute offers a certificate program in legal transcription for those who wish to start a career as a transcriptionist, or enhance their current skills as a legal assistant or paralegal. This course enables the student to work at their own pace and outlines the process of legal transcription as well as provides information about what to expect from the audio recording of a trial, criminal and civil law specifics, where to find information outside of the recordings to help clarify terminology or general understanding of the law and how to prepare a lawsuit. The course also includes resources for medical terminology, grammar, and instructions on how to read from a stenograph transcript plus lessons in putting the legal transcription knowledge into action.

A career as a legal transcriptionist can be fulfilling and help a person bring in a supplemental income or be a considerable factor in creating a favorable work-life balance. The education and training involved with legal transcription can be attained while working in or out of the home. U.S. Career institute provides the necessary educational materials and support to help with a legal transcription career, bringing confidence and the love of a job well-done together with the ease of a self-study program that creates results. For those who wish to pursue a flexible career that helps make a difference in the community, legal transcription can be a viable option. Legal transcription can lead into jobs within legal systems and beyond, potentially generating income and career satisfaction above and beyond any expectation.

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