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Associate Degree in Criminal Investigations at Everest University

Criminal investigations are one of the most important aspects of any job or career in law enforcement. If not for the efforts of police officers, crime scene and other criminal investigators, the number of crimes committed would skyrocket and the safety of the public would be jeopardized as criminals run free. Understanding the techniques, technology and procedures of a criminal investigation can lead to a rewarding career in criminal justice, such as an independent forensic science consultant, fingerprint technician and examiner, forensic investigator, evidence technician, or even a career in private investigation. The ability and knowledge it takes to interpret evidence from a crime scene into information for a criminal profile or evidence for a court trial is constantly growing and expanding, and the need for qualified individuals to interpret these clues is always in demand.

Everest University’s Associate Degree in Criminal Investigations program offers fundamental criminal justice courses in crime scene investigation, fingerprints, forensic photography, technology crimes, criminalistics, collecting and presenting audio & visual evidence and biological evidence plus computer, technology and core college curriculum classes. This online 2-year program can help students begin their careers quicker than a “brick and mortar,” school because of its flexibility and a ability to work around current home, life or current job obligations.  In addition, Everest University’s Associate Degree in Criminal Investigations program provides students with skills and training needed to compete after graduating, including job search techniques, resume preparation and interviewing skills.

After graduating, students are able to use their Associate Degree in Criminal Investigations to find jobs in forensic laboratories, medical examiners offices, hospitals and insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, loss prevention departments and within the federal, state and local government, as well as criminal investigations contractors or private detectives. The median salary for those with an Associate Degree in Criminal Investigations is just above $40,000 annually. The job outlook for a student graduating with an Associate Degree in Criminal Investigations varies depending on the career path chosen.

With the Associate Degree in Criminal Investigations program from Everest University, students learn the skills needed at a crime scene, in a laboratory and even the ability to interview and secure employment in the law enforcement career field.  This online program offers more than just core college curriculum and enhanced criminal investigations classes, but also the convenience, flexibility and support needed for those looking to start a new career, change or enhance their current career, or embark on the next phase of their life as a Criminal Investigator.

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