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Criminal, Civil and Personal Background Checks

Background checks are becoming more common as employers, property management companies and even institutes of higher education search for information on a person in order to determine if that person is a right fit for the job or business partnership, a trustworthy tenant or a potential asset to a school’s alumni. These background checks are performed online, through records searches or by private investigators and with a minimal amount of information, the entire criminal, financial or other history may be obtained in a matter of hours or even minutes.

Employers and businesses are increasingly at risk for losses pertaining to employees’ criminal behavior or the embellishment of facts on a resume or job application. Job-related skills are hard to prove during the interviewing process, and many companies or private investigators may investigate not only a criminal history, but also verify job history, ensuring the security of the business. In the same sense, businesses and corporations seeking partnerships with other businesses may investigate financial and other industry concerns before signing any contracts. For jobs that require direct contact with minors, such as school, daycare or nanny positions, it is standard to perform criminal background, credit or other personal information checks.

For those who supplement income through rental properties, personal background checks on any potential tenants are necessary in order to keep the property secure and safe from damage. Many times, these background checks rely directly on court records that look for small claims judgments as well as contacting former landlords for recommendations. Some colleges and universities are also performing personal background checks on potential students to try to keep their campuses safe. Aside from personal information and criminal background checks, online searches through social networks are also becoming common ways for schools and private detectives to measure the character of a person.

The basic information needed for a background check is the name of the individual, birth date, social security number and address. Other information that is useful to the private investigator is former addresses of the subject, names of relatives or associates and any other names used, especially in the case of married and/or divorced women. Public records searches can produce results relating to vital records such as births, marriages, divorces, and deaths. Credit history checks will give an overview of the subject’s financial picture and criminal background checks will disclose any criminal convictions or civil judgments.

The security of businesses, property, schools and even children are rapidly becoming the foremost concern when introducing unknown people into their area or locality. With information becoming easier to find, and expert tools at the hands of private investigators, background checks are not only a way to ease the mind of a business owner, educational system, property manager or private citizen.

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