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University of the Rockies Master of Arts in Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies Specialization

Forensic psychology specialists help judges, attorneys, and other legal and law enforcement professionals understand the psychology of criminals or other philosophies and circumstances surrounding a criminal act. Whether in family, civil or criminal court, forensic, criminology or victimology specialists can be designated as expert witnesses on the stand. Forensic psychology specialists in the family court system can assist with psychotherapy services, present child custody evaluations, or help investigate reports of child abuse. In civil courts, a Victimology expert may assess competency and sometimes provide psychotherapy to crime victims. Criminal court forensic psychology specialists may perform evaluations of mental competency of both victim and criminal, work with mentally challenged or child witnesses, and provide assessments of juvenile or adult offenders.

University of the Rockies offers an online Master of Arts in Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies Specialization program to those who wish to serve as a forensic psychology specialist in the court system, or privately, as a victim advocate, expert witness or any other advanced criminal justice career. This degree program is provided online in order to help the busy professional attain a higher level of education while still maintaining current life and job obligations. reports an average salary for forensic psychology professionals at $60,000 annually, and the growth in this sector is expected to grow at a steady rate.

The Master of Arts in Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies Specialization program from University of the Rockies has developed their online program into six-week courses that focus on human development, cultural diversity, theories and techniques of counseling and psychotherapy, criminological theories, victimology, and correctional philosophies and strategies. These courses are designed to give the student an extensive range of knowledge as it applies to the practical goals of a career in criminal justice and psychology.

With the online option to attain a graduate-level degree in Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies, University of the Rockies is helping professionals create a better future. Career satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of life, and by mastering the education needed to move forward into the forensic psychology, criminology or victimology fields, the future can be a very satisfactory place.

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