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Anna Maria College Master of Science in Justice Administration

Justice Administration is the investigation and analysis of law, policy and society necessary to help establish and develop effective strategies regarding social, political and policy issues facing practitioners in the human service and criminal justice professions. These skills can help a person analyze and interpret policies within the criminal justice system in order to create changes and suggest improvements to the current legal, law enforcement and court systems. Criminologists and other legal and policy analysts work with law enforcement and other agencies on a local, state or even national level, such as with the FBI or CIA. The work of a criminologist is rarely as glamorized as seen on television, but is the constant evaluation of evidence and data used to protect innocent citizens from the criminal tendencies of others.

Anna Maria College offers a Master of Science in Justice Administration program to graduate students who wish to pursue a career in criminology, sociology, law enforcement or even public policy. This program is offered online as a way for currently employed students, or those with other life and family obligations, to obtain a graduate-level education while still remaining employed or without interrupting other commitments. Career outlook and advancement in these fields remain steady, with an average annual salary around $50,000. Those who hold a Master of Master of Science in Justice Administration are able to fulfill the job duties of criminologists, social workers, and work within the fields of law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice and even potentially fulfill roles in counseling.

A Master of Science in Justice Administration from Anna Maria College provides advanced education to graduates interested in pursuing a career that helps not only understand the mind of a criminal, but also that of the victim and how policies and laws may reflect a need for change. Graduate students are given further education in ethical theory, research design and methodology, statistical analysis, justice administration as well as graduate coursework from related disciplines such as business, psychology and emergency management.

With a Master of Science in Justice Administration from Anna Maria College, graduates are able to embark on a career that is not only interesting, but one vital to the safety and security of citizens. It is also possible to be a part of a team that helps find and convict criminals, and protect potential crime victims, keeping the world a safer place. Criminology careers are interesting, diverse and promise excitement and the ability to utilize analytical skills that help everyone affected by crimes and criminal activity.

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