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Cyber Security and Private Investigation

Personal security and privacy is one of the biggest concerns of people who work, play or otherwise have information stored on the Internet or on home or business networks. Because of the sensitive nature of personal, medical, financial or legal information, many businesses are turning to private investigators and other cyber security professionals in order to keep trade secrets or clandestine affairs as secure as possible.

Private investigators, while able to find out information about other people or companies, also have the same tools to help train others to keep this data secure and out of the hands of others. The insight that is provided by a private investigation professional can be a reliable means of protection, especially when it comes to personal or business computers. These private investigation professionals are typically well-trained in the use and application of programs and software used to spy on computers, including snoopware, spyware, keyloggers or other recorders. Many of these programs run undetected, even by the most savvy of computer users, sometimes taking on the application name of common programs as they send screen shots of online conversations or record the keystrokes typed. Packet sniffers that are applied on a network level can capture data packets that are later translated into text through the program at a remote location.

Cyber security professionals can also perform many of the same functions as a private investigator in terms of discovering malicious software that is intended to spy on a computer's use and any information it can provide. With the number of websites and other online applications used for financial, business, tax or other personal information, the security of the data can be compromised by viruses, hackers or through the use of network-based sniffers and snoopware. Cyber security professionals are able to put tools into place that can virtually eliminate any threats, as well as trace the different routes taken by those who are compromising the data.

Private investigators and cyber security professionals are responsible for many different computer and network security roles and can help determine if your computer’s security has been compromised by snoopware programs, hackers or just a curious spouse or significant other. These professionals have specialized training and knowledge, as well as software and tools that allow a range of knowledge that can help keep computers and networks safe from intrusive programs and people.

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