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Divorce Mediation

Instead of encouraging the costly fees associated with courtroom divorce proceedings, and the legal fees that seem to multiply when resolving a divorce with lawyers and attorneys, more people are turning to mediators as a way to amicably solve any divorce issues that can crop up after a marriage has failed. Mediation is a value-oriented style of conflict resolution that is used in business and personal matters, including divorce, that puts more of an emphasis on the emotional value of conflicts over material concerns.

Divorce mediation, instead of litigation, typically occurs when a couple feels they can come to a compromise or agreement between themselves instead of letting a court decide a fair resolution of debt, possessions and other concerns like custody and visitation. Many couples feel that mediation is a better alternative for financial reasons, or in order to keep a relationship together after the divorce is final. Mediation is perceived as a solution that can remedy hurt feelings and give each person the impression that they are leaving the relationship on equal footing, having been allowed their say and not being put through the process of testifying in court, bringing up irrelevant, intimate details of a marriage, or feeling accused and judged by courtroom officials who were not involved in the marriage to begin with.

Careers in mediation typically evolve from some sort of legal or counseling experience, either a an attorney, legal assistant, paralegal or even in family counseling professions. While lawyers, attorneys and legal assistants can approach conflict resolution from a legal stance, many times, these agreements fall short of fair and can be abused, giving the upper hand to the person who can afford the “better” legal counsel or who has the best victim portrayal on the stand. With mediation, both parties are given a chance to state their wishes, see the other person's point of view, even through a third-party's eyes, and come out with a reasonable compromise. When children are involved in a divorce, mediation can help save the “parenting relationship” that is so vital to the mental and emotional well-being of the children involved.

Divorce mediation is continually being encouraged by court systems all over the country as a way to clear their lengthy dockets and keep divorce cases between the parties of interest as much as possible. With the push for more mediation even before divorce cases end up in court, the professional mediator has a an opportunity for career growth and satisfaction in giving back to the community by helping keep the peace during one of life's most difficult moments.

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