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Kaplan University Pathway to Paralegal Certificate Program

The field of law is feeling the pinch of the recession, and attorneys are adapting by hiring more paralegals than lawyers in their firms. Paralegals are legal professionals that provide legal services and representation to clients, under the guidance of attorneys and lawyers. With the type of work required from paralegals, students in online paralegal programs are able to attain a higher level of education of the legal and paralegal fields without compromising the comprehensive training that may be attained in a traditional college environment. Paralegal education may be earned strictly online, allowing the student flexibility and knowledge in the comfort of their own home, while still enabling the student to continue to work or care for other home or life obligations.

Paralegals investigate facts and perform research, interview clients or witnesses, draft legal documents such as briefs, subpoenas, depositions and motions for discovery as well as keep, organize and maintain files and exhibits. Some paralegals file documents with federal and state courts and assistance during hearings, arbitrations, mediations, meetings, closings and trials. Kaplan University’s Pathway to Paralegal Certificate Program offers the specialized training to graduate students who wish to pursue a career in the paralegal profession.

The Pathway to Paralegal Certificate Program from Kaplan University prepares graduates by educating them on the processes of interviewing, gathering, reviewing and analyzing legal issues and cases through online coursework and classes. Since legal research can be a majority of a paralegal job, online colleges like Kaplan University help students learn how and where to research through the course of the Pathway to Paralegal Certificate Program. A paralegals must be organized with good attention to detail and be adept at multi-tasking and teamwork. These skills and attributes are fostered through the Pathway to Paralegal Certificate Program from Kaplan University.

Paralegals are able to perform many job functions within the legal system, under the supervision of a lawyer or attorney. This career field has experienced growth, and is expected to continue, and Everest University’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Assistant/Paralegal studies is one of the best ways to quickly begin a career in the paralegal field. As a career choice, paralegals have an advantage due to the ease of being certified online, giving them a faster path into a job than many other students. Pursuing an online paralegal degree can help create job security now and in the future.

Career growth for those in the paralegal field is expected to rise over the next decade, with job opportunities opening up in law firms and other organizations. The Pathway to Paralegal Certificate Program from Kaplan University can give graduate students the knowledge and skills it takes to achieve a satisfying career as a paralegal.

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