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Master of Science in Criminal Justice program from Kaplan University

Developing strategies, implementing policy changes and maintaining or improving the daily functions of a criminal justice system are only a few of the career paths available to those with a graduate degree in Criminal Justice. Many criminal justice professionals find that with advances in technology, public opinion and overall availability of educational resources, the criminal justice system requires strong and knowledgeable leaders to keep the momentum of the system moving forward, providing safety through law enforcement, corrections or policy analysis and administration.

Kaplan University provides a Master of Science in Criminal Justice to undergraduate students in order to increase the knowledge base from which these professionals may draw upon. This graduate-level program helps students understand criminal behavior on a global scale, teaches administrative skills to help lead various types of law enforcement agencies, and gives a strong background into laws and recent developments in the criminal justice field. Students in the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program from Kaplan University can further specialize in Corrections, including insight into prisons, overcrowding, juvenile justice, and inmate rights. These programs can assist graduate students understand the complexities of the criminal mind, from gang-related crimes to those with anti-social behaviors.

Job and career growth for those with a Master of Science in Criminal Justice is expected to be as fast as the average career growth over the next decade. Salaries vary, depending on the position obtained, but within the field of corrections, a corrections manager or supervisor can expect to make an average of $57,000 annually. Job titles vary in this profession, from corrections management and administration on a local, state and federal level to various consultant positions within complimentary professions or the military. This graduate degree is offered online to assist current law enforcement or criminal justice professionals continue to pursue career and educational goals while maintaining current work and life obligations.

A Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University paves the way for those already studying or employed in the criminal justice, public policy or law enforcement field to expand beyond practical applications of an undergraduate degree and focus more on policy, administration or the analysis of laws on a local or national level.

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