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Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice

The criminal justice professional encompasses a wide range of jobs and career paths, from administration to law enforcement to public policy and beyond. These titles can vary according to the law enforcement and investigation organizations, departments and government levels looking to hire qualified criminal justice professionals. No matter the career path chosen within the field of criminal justice, the critical analysis, investigation and interpretation of data are all imperative skills that require a strong basis of education.

An Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice degree to those who are seeking careers within the criminal justice field. With the education provided by this degree, student can expect to begin a career within the criminal justice field in police and law enforcement organizations, law firms or other public agencies.

The Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice program provides students with the basics of criminal justice studies including the foundations of the criminal justice system, fundamentals of policing, introductions to security, juvenile justice, the court system, and corrections. This degree program helps to build skills and knowledge in the policies and procedures that occur in the administration of criminal justice or law enforcement This curriculum is needed in all levels of law enforcement, including local, regional, state and federal systems, corrections, homeland security, and social agencies.

In May 2008, median annual wages of detectives and criminal investigators were $51,410, while supervisors made a median $75,490. Career outlook for those in criminal justice, especially investigations and administration, is expected to continue to grow at an average rate, opening up opportunities in all levels of the criminal justice system. The Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice program from University of Phoenix provides the basics of criminal justice procedures and policies to students, giving them the best start on their own career path in criminal justice professions.

Criminal justice careers can lead to a rewarding career path that helps people on local, national and global levels. The Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice program from University of Phoenix gives students the education and skills to understand the basics of the criminal justice system, introducing these students to an exciting career that gives back to others.

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Internal Affairs Investigations

Police and law enforcement officers are dedicated to serving the community by providing protection and securing the property of its citizens. Unfortunately, there are times that an officer’s behavior or actions are called into question by other officers or the public at large. In these cases, special procedures are put into action requiring the skills, knowledge and law enforcement training of an internal investigations officer.

An internal affairs investigation can be as simple as a law enforcement or police officer defending a citizen’s concerns or complaints to a supervisor or a more thorough investigation into the circumstances and any other pertinent information surrounding the issue. These types of investigations provide different outcomes, from the suspension, resignation or termination of an officer to the exoneration of the officer and assurance to the community that the officer acted in the best manner possible in light of all evidence presented.

Internal affairs investigation officers have a difficult job that requires superb investigation skills as well as the ability to work within the law enforcement system. These specialized officers must work to ensure the trust of fellow law enforcement officers, as well as the community, while still remaining impartial until all of the evidence is presented and adjudicated. Some law enforcement or police departments have these investigators on staff, while other agencies may require the services of officers from other districts or organizations. No matter where the officers are from, they are constantly faced with the distrust of both the community and the law enforcement and police officers within the communities, yet they tirelessly perform internal affairs investigations for the peace of mind of both.

It is not uncommon for a police or law enforcement officer to be subjected to an internal affairs investigation during the course of his or her career, especially when dealing with angry or uninformed citizens. While it is true that there are times when law enforcement and police officers break the laws they are sworn to uphold, the majority of these professionals may be victims of circumstance. Many times, the outcome of an internal affairs investigation becomes a matter of explaining laws and procedures to the citizens so they are more aware of the reasons for certain behaviors of the officers. It is these incidents that call for the sound judgment and meticulous investigation skills of an internal affairs officer to help keep the peace between the public and the men and women sworn to ensure the safety of the community.

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Rasmussen College Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Client Services and Corrections

In order to bridge the gap between convicted criminal and the court, professionals responsible for the rehabilitation and reporting of the actions of the criminal are needed in order to produce documentation that details the progress, or lack thereof, to the court. These records are vital to the criminal justice system, as they determine any future goals or punishments regarding the actions of the criminal. Probation officers are the professionals who fill these roles, spending day after day functioning as a liaison between courts and criminals and the various agencies between that serve to help keep communities safe.

A qualified probation officer needs to possess the best education possible in order to understand the nuances of both the criminal justice system and the thoughts and actions of the criminals. Rasmussen College provides this education through a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, with an emphasis on Client Services and Corrections in order to instruct students about the various situations and people that are handled through probation services. This degree program is offered online in order to assist busy professionals and those with other life obligations continue to maintain a current standard of living while pursuing further educational and professional goals.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, with an emphasis on Client Services and Corrections from Rasmussen College provides the education needed to understand not only the criminal justice system, its history and theory, but also specialized insight into special populations including women, community corrections, diversions and rehabilitation. This broad range of subjects develops acumen into the criminal justice system that emphasizes rehabilitation over punishment and corrections. The national average yearly salary for a probation officer with a four-year college degree is almost $32,000 - $48,000, depending on location.

For those concerned with the process of criminal justice, as well as the ability of the criminal to rehabilitate and no longer be a threat to society, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, with an emphasis on Client Services and Corrections from Rasmussen College can provide a unique educational curriculum that helps the criminal justice professional specialize in an area that promotes the rehabilitation of criminals. With the jobs for qualified probation officers predicted to increase over the next decade, the need for individuals to fill these positions will become an imperative aspect of the criminal justice system. A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, with an emphasis on Client Services and Corrections from Rasmussen College can give criminal justice professionals the right education and skills needed to become highly effective probation and supervisory officers within the criminal justice system.

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Walden University Master of Public Administration in Homeland Security Policy

Terrorist threats have become a part of the daily lives of people across the world, from border security to cyber threats and attacks on the financial and communications infrastructure. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security seeks to ensure a physical, financial and emotional environment of security, protecting ordinary citizens from terrorists and the catastrophic damage that can be caused by the actions of others.

With the vigilance needed to prevent terroristic attacks on the world, more Homeland Security professionals are needed to research, develop and implement public administration policies. These professionals are in demand, especially in the higher levels of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the experience in law enforcement, public policy and homeland security that is brought through a quality education. Walden University offers a Master of Public Administration in Homeland Security Policy to help fill these positions within the government agency, helping to provide peace of mind to the U.S. and beyond through the power of knowledge and education regarding customs and border protection, immigration and the U.S. Secret Service.

Over the next decade, the number of government and law enforcement positions is expected to increase, including jobs within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Walden University offers the Master of Public Administration in Homeland Security Policy degree program online to help busy professionals continue to fulfill current life and work obligations while increasing valuable educational and academic needs. This degree may be completed in less than two years, enabling a faster entrance into the Homeland Security profession and includes classes that help prepare plans for emergency situations, understand the financial resources available and how to manage both the finances and other personnel, helping to build strong plans in case of a public emergency.

The increase in the threats of terrorist activity and the technological sophistication that grows with each passing day requires professionals who can not only understand the nuances of global laws and security policies, but also have the ability to implement policies during times of need. The Master of Public Administration in Homeland Security Policy from Walden University Online provides the education needed to fill these important roles, keeping the U.S. and world safe from the threats of terrorism.

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Tools for the Professional Paralegal

The paralegal career path can be full of interesting, diverse and challenging work that provides years of insight and wisdom into the legal system, helping bridge the gap between the legal system, attorneys and lawyers and the clients that are served within. Paralegals are often responsible for much of the paperwork involved in criminal and civil trials, including preparing briefs, documents, depositions and filing various papers within the court system as well as researching and keeping files and information updated.

A paralegal may work within a law firm or other organization, or may work as a freelance contractor, providing services to various agencies. The option to freelance is appealing to many paralegals as it allows schedules to be flexible, and many of the agencies that hire a paralegal may not have space in-house to accommodate the needs of the paralegal. Many of the tools that a paralegal require are specific to the clerical and administrative aspects of the job, including paralegal software that helps with word processing and time management, a printer, fax and scanner for paper documents and a phone with voicemail or an answering machine specifically for “business.”

A computer is another consideration for the paralegal. With privacy concerns, it is recommended that a paralegal have a computer that is strictly for the use of work. In addition, due to the nature of the job and its travel requirements, a laptop may be preferred over a desktop computer for ease of portability. The paralegal also needs a designated space to work, such as a home office, a locking filing cabinet for record-keeping, and a reliable means of transportation. Other considerations may include business cards, a resume and cover letter, a website or other marketing materials that help the paralegal secure new clients and keep current clients informed as to the services provided or any other pertinent information. In addition, a paralegal certification shows that he or she has met the requirements for the job.

Helping lawyers, attorneys and clients through the legal process is an exciting and challenging profession that takes knowledge, dedication and insight. Paralegals provide many of the services needed within the court system and law firms that keep legal issues private and professionally managed, enabling more favorable outcomes for those who are in need of legal services. With the right tools for the job, a paralegal is able to provide professional services to various agencies, law firms and clients, either as a full-time paralegal or as a contracted freelance service provider.

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What to do in a Natural Disaster

Nobody wants to think of the possibility of a natural disaster and its long-term effects. The fact is that most people will never experience the devastation that natural disasters can bring, however, while statistics may ease the mind of the general population, there is nothing more comforting that being prepared in case of a disaster.

Between tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding and fires, the toll of these disastrous situations makes headlines daily. FEMA is a Homeland Security agency that offers advice on the best practices to follow in case of an emergency or disaster, in cooperation with state and local emergency management and public safety agencies, 27 federal agencies and the American Red Cross.

Being prepared for a natural disaster involves several different aspects. Vital records, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, social security cards and insurance documents should all be kept in a safe place. It is possible to scan and upload these documents to a third-party service, making them accessible through the Internet in case the paper versions are affected by the disaster. Knowing the best evacuation routes can save time and frustration if and when a disaster strikes, as well, and having a centralized meeting place for families can save time and worry.

Disaster kits are also recommended for the home, work and even the car. These kits include supplies like water (one gallon per person, per day), canned food and a manual can opener, a battery-powered radio, flashlights and batteries, first aid kits, extra medication, spare glasses or other medical supplies, clothing, hygiene supplies, spare cash and other family-specific items. Always store these supplies in a sealed container within easy reach in case an immediate evacuation is necessary.

For parents, knowing the emergency plan of a child’s school or the community disaster plan put in place by public safety or law enforcement officers can ease fears when facing a disaster. If a school has a “shelter-in-place” policy, parents may not be allowed to retrieve children during a disaster as a preventative measure to keep children and school staff safe. Work environments may also have similar policies for employees. Know the policies of local law and public safety officers, employers and schools and plan accordingly.

A natural disaster cannot necessarily be avoided, but the outcome can be greatly improved with the right preparation. Always be sure to keep personal, vital records in place, know the emergency evacuation routes and plans of schools and employers and keep the necessary supplies on hand and in one location to ease the effects of a natural disaster.

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Crime Scene Technician Certificate from Kaplan University

The ability to discover, analyze and collect evidence from a crime scene is invaluable to the criminal justice system. Professionals that are dedicated to the small details that can make or break a criminal case in court are in demand across the country, and this demand is expected to increase over the next decade as new technology and procedures help law enforcement officials use the evidence collected within a crime scene to convict criminals of crimes such as robbery, rape, home invasions or murder.

Kaplan University offers a Crime Scene Technician Certificate to those interested in pursuing a career as a crime scene technician without fulfilling the requirements for a full degree program. This certificate helps a high school graduate accrue college credit that can be transferred later into an Associate of Applied Science or Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. Courses for the Crime Scene Technician Certificate program from Kaplan University Online include the introduction to the criminal justice system, criminology, crime scene photography, fingerprint analysis, and core curriculum in math and sciences, along with other curriculum designed to educate students in the investigation of crime scenes.
Students who complete the Crime Scene Technician Certificate from Kaplan University Online can continue to pursue a degree in criminal justice, or can begin a career as a crime scene technician.

Crime scene technicians apply forensic science to the scene of the crime as well as the evidence collected, including gathering, processing and cataloging the evidence itself. Crime scene technicians may also serve to identify criminals, secure crime scenes, or give expert testimony in court during criminal trials.
Crime scene technicians can expect to earn between $29,000 - $43,000 annually within the first five years of employment. The Crime Scene Technician Certificate from Kaplan University can also benefit those in allied health, law, and science fields increase expertise in criminal behaviors and investigations. These professionals can seek employment within insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, laboratories, law firms, and medical examiners' offices, building an interesting and satisfying career that helps others.

Through online courses Kaplan University’s Crime Scene Technician Certificate helps law enforcement and other professionals gain an understanding of the techniques and attributes of criminal investigations while still maintaining any current career or other life obligations. The online format of classes is perfect for the busy professional seeking to increase career and educational opportunities while maintaining a consistent work-life balance.

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Securing your Kids Social Experiences

With the concerns over the Internet and its faceless, nameless ability to affect children who too young to understand social nuances and predatory behaviors by adults, cyber security applications are popping up to help parents limit and understand the different places children socialize online, and even through mobile phones. The programs are developed to intercept and block different websites or alert parents of potentially destructive behaviors, whether in chats, through texting or by simply browsing online.

Since many children and teenagers are more computer savvy than their parents, these tools help keep parents informed about the activities that occur online, as well as through mobile phones. Many of these programs provide filters that are used by parents to define criteria that is acceptable for children to view, blocking content, words or even entire websites. For social media sites like chat rooms, Facebook or other community websites, many of the parental control software have the ability to filter, block or even send real-time or scheduled reports of what has been relayed through these websites. Cyber security professionals recommend these types of programs as a way to not only prevent children from viewing inappropriate materials online, but to also offer a layer of security against online predators. Some of the parental control applications also limit a child’s ability to download illegal or pirated materials from websites or block access to private areas or files on a home computer.

When choosing the right parental control application or Internet filtering software, it is important to keep in mind that many kids have a talent for knowing the best places to find ways that can disarm the programs installed for their very protection. Since children and teens may see cyber security as less of a threat, and enjoy the challenge of circumventing rules, always choose a program or application that continues to update its own security protocols. In addition, beware of applications that offer keyloggers, or programs that record keystrokes, as these programs can also record and display a parent’s password or other private information.

While no software can take the place of a concerned, involved parent or guardian, the assistance that parental control applications and Internet filtering software can provide is priceless. Cyber security and law enforcement professionals who witness the crimes committed against children that began on an innocent website highly recommend these cyber security programs and applications to help keep children safe.

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Utica College Bachelor of Science Economic Crime Investigation

Economic crime can devastate businesses as well as the average citizen. From computer and insurance fraud, forgery and counterfeiting to identity theft, the effects of economic crimes go beyond the unease and distrust of financial institutions into considerations of personal security. As these concerns grow, so do the opportunities available for those with the education and background in investigation of fraud, claims adjusting, examining and appraising.

Utica College offers an online Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation to help educate those interested in pursuing a career in economic crime investigation and prevention. This program helps prepare students by instilling skills and techniques for discovering, analyzing and using evidence of financial or economic crimes. Utica College is the only institute of higher education to offer a program of this nature. The Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation was developed through the study of several different aspects of social sciences and criminal justice, as well as courses in mathematics and economics, delivering a unique educational experience to current or prospective students wishing to study the financial side of criminal justice.

The Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation from Utica College offers two specialized concentrations: Financial Investigation, for those interested in forensic accounting and damage assessment and Fraud Prevention and Detection, for those who wish to help detect and prevent potential economic crimes. In addition, the curriculum provided by Utica College’s Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation can help prepare students for the CFE exam, a desired certification in the world of economic fraud investigation. This undergraduate program is offered online to help assist the busy professional reach educational goals while still maintaining current life, work and/or family obligations.Fraud investigation professionals can work within government agencies to help prevent economic crimes on a global scale or insurance companies as claims adjusters or investigators. The median salary for claims adjusters, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is around $55,000 annually. Job growth prospects are about as fast as average, making a career in economic crime investigation or prevention a stable choice.

Fraud and economic crimes are a continual concern as more people, banks and financial and insurance institutions rely on computers to keep sensitive information safe. While the more automated way of doing business may benefit profits, the risks involved with identity theft or misappropriations of funds can be devastating to personal or global financial infrastructures. The Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation helps arm students with the tools and knowledge needed to prevent these crimes from occurring, and help prosecute those who steal from others.

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