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Crime Scene Technician Certificate from Kaplan University

The ability to discover, analyze and collect evidence from a crime scene is invaluable to the criminal justice system. Professionals that are dedicated to the small details that can make or break a criminal case in court are in demand across the country, and this demand is expected to increase over the next decade as new technology and procedures help law enforcement officials use the evidence collected within a crime scene to convict criminals of crimes such as robbery, rape, home invasions or murder.

Kaplan University offers a Crime Scene Technician Certificate to those interested in pursuing a career as a crime scene technician without fulfilling the requirements for a full degree program. This certificate helps a high school graduate accrue college credit that can be transferred later into an Associate of Applied Science or Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. Courses for the Crime Scene Technician Certificate program from Kaplan University Online include the introduction to the criminal justice system, criminology, crime scene photography, fingerprint analysis, and core curriculum in math and sciences, along with other curriculum designed to educate students in the investigation of crime scenes.
Students who complete the Crime Scene Technician Certificate from Kaplan University Online can continue to pursue a degree in criminal justice, or can begin a career as a crime scene technician.

Crime scene technicians apply forensic science to the scene of the crime as well as the evidence collected, including gathering, processing and cataloging the evidence itself. Crime scene technicians may also serve to identify criminals, secure crime scenes, or give expert testimony in court during criminal trials.
Crime scene technicians can expect to earn between $29,000 - $43,000 annually within the first five years of employment. The Crime Scene Technician Certificate from Kaplan University can also benefit those in allied health, law, and science fields increase expertise in criminal behaviors and investigations. These professionals can seek employment within insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, laboratories, law firms, and medical examiners' offices, building an interesting and satisfying career that helps others.

Through online courses Kaplan University’s Crime Scene Technician Certificate helps law enforcement and other professionals gain an understanding of the techniques and attributes of criminal investigations while still maintaining any current career or other life obligations. The online format of classes is perfect for the busy professional seeking to increase career and educational opportunities while maintaining a consistent work-life balance.

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