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Securing your Kids Social Experiences

With the concerns over the Internet and its faceless, nameless ability to affect children who too young to understand social nuances and predatory behaviors by adults, cyber security applications are popping up to help parents limit and understand the different places children socialize online, and even through mobile phones. The programs are developed to intercept and block different websites or alert parents of potentially destructive behaviors, whether in chats, through texting or by simply browsing online.

Since many children and teenagers are more computer savvy than their parents, these tools help keep parents informed about the activities that occur online, as well as through mobile phones. Many of these programs provide filters that are used by parents to define criteria that is acceptable for children to view, blocking content, words or even entire websites. For social media sites like chat rooms, Facebook or other community websites, many of the parental control software have the ability to filter, block or even send real-time or scheduled reports of what has been relayed through these websites. Cyber security professionals recommend these types of programs as a way to not only prevent children from viewing inappropriate materials online, but to also offer a layer of security against online predators. Some of the parental control applications also limit a child’s ability to download illegal or pirated materials from websites or block access to private areas or files on a home computer.

When choosing the right parental control application or Internet filtering software, it is important to keep in mind that many kids have a talent for knowing the best places to find ways that can disarm the programs installed for their very protection. Since children and teens may see cyber security as less of a threat, and enjoy the challenge of circumventing rules, always choose a program or application that continues to update its own security protocols. In addition, beware of applications that offer keyloggers, or programs that record keystrokes, as these programs can also record and display a parent’s password or other private information.

While no software can take the place of a concerned, involved parent or guardian, the assistance that parental control applications and Internet filtering software can provide is priceless. Cyber security and law enforcement professionals who witness the crimes committed against children that began on an innocent website highly recommend these cyber security programs and applications to help keep children safe.

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