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Utica College Bachelor of Science Economic Crime Investigation

Economic crime can devastate businesses as well as the average citizen. From computer and insurance fraud, forgery and counterfeiting to identity theft, the effects of economic crimes go beyond the unease and distrust of financial institutions into considerations of personal security. As these concerns grow, so do the opportunities available for those with the education and background in investigation of fraud, claims adjusting, examining and appraising.

Utica College offers an online Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation to help educate those interested in pursuing a career in economic crime investigation and prevention. This program helps prepare students by instilling skills and techniques for discovering, analyzing and using evidence of financial or economic crimes. Utica College is the only institute of higher education to offer a program of this nature. The Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation was developed through the study of several different aspects of social sciences and criminal justice, as well as courses in mathematics and economics, delivering a unique educational experience to current or prospective students wishing to study the financial side of criminal justice.

The Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation from Utica College offers two specialized concentrations: Financial Investigation, for those interested in forensic accounting and damage assessment and Fraud Prevention and Detection, for those who wish to help detect and prevent potential economic crimes. In addition, the curriculum provided by Utica College’s Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation can help prepare students for the CFE exam, a desired certification in the world of economic fraud investigation. This undergraduate program is offered online to help assist the busy professional reach educational goals while still maintaining current life, work and/or family obligations.Fraud investigation professionals can work within government agencies to help prevent economic crimes on a global scale or insurance companies as claims adjusters or investigators. The median salary for claims adjusters, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is around $55,000 annually. Job growth prospects are about as fast as average, making a career in economic crime investigation or prevention a stable choice.

Fraud and economic crimes are a continual concern as more people, banks and financial and insurance institutions rely on computers to keep sensitive information safe. While the more automated way of doing business may benefit profits, the risks involved with identity theft or misappropriations of funds can be devastating to personal or global financial infrastructures. The Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation helps arm students with the tools and knowledge needed to prevent these crimes from occurring, and help prosecute those who steal from others.

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