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George Washington University Master of Professional Studies in Paralegal Studies

As a recession-proof career, paralegals and legal assistants have the edge on many other lines of work due to the nature of the work in handling legal matters, contracts, depositions or other organizational or administrative functions within a law firm or attorney’s office. Paralegals, in fact, are in demand more now, because of the need for attorneys and law firms to cut costs while still providing high-quality legal services to clients. For the person who has a degree in paralegal studies, career opportunities are plentiful and the prospects of a flexible work-life balance are great.

Newsweek has reported that one of the best degrees or educational programs to pursue is paralegal degree. Paralegals do much of the research and administrative work within a law office, but are paid on a different scale than attorneys and lawyers. Firms are seeking out paralegals to hire in-house, as well as on a freelance or contract basis in order to fulfill the needs of the law office, while keeping costs down. George Washington University provides a Master of Professional Studies in Paralegal Studies online for students who wish to pursue a career in the paralegal field, especially on a managerial level within a law firm or attorney’s legal practice. This degree is offered online, giving the student flexibility and the ability to complete career and educational goals in the comfort of their own home.

Paralegals investigate facts, perform research, interview clients or witnesses, draft legal documents such as briefs, subpoenas, depositions and motions for discovery. These legal assistants also organize and maintain files and exhibits file documents with federal and state courts and assist during hearings, arbitrations, mediations, meetings, closings and trials. Those who possess a graduate-level education in paralegal studies, such as the a Master of Professional Studies in Paralegal Studies from George Washington University are also given managerial responsibilities and can direct other paralegals and legal assistants in the daily functions and roles of a law office.

Everest University's Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Assistant/Paralegal prepares graduates and educates them on the processes of interviewing, gathering, reviewing and analyzing legal issues and cases. This program also provides experience in the research, preparation and interpretation of legal documents as well as various legal environments.

Beginning a career as a paralegal or legal assistant takes motivation, dedication and knowledge. By completing a graduate-level program like George Washington University’s Master of Professional Studies in Paralegal Studies, students will attain a top quality education to help achieve career goals.

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