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Types of Cyber Security Risks

Just when one virus, worm or Trojan has been eliminated through the use of security tools, another (or 10 more) is reported on the news or through various social media channels. Hackers continue to provide insecurity in the daily lives and business functions of some of the biggest corporations and agencies around. The risks involved in cyber security affect our governmental and financial infrastructure, as well as entertainment networks, like the PlayStation Network, or the home computer used for homework, budgeting or other household purposes. These threats are a constant warning to the public to keep apprised of the various ways in which cyber security can be compromised, and those with a degree in cyber security are often the best resource for information as to how to prevent hackers and other computer and network disasters.

Three of the most popular ways for hackers to infiltrate delicate information online are SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting and PHP File Include attacks. All of these occur through web application gateways that introduce password systems to access network and server information. These attacks typically affect large networks attached to corporations, agencies and organizations that collect and store data for financial transactions. The risk to the end-user is great, even if a website is never accessed, as financial information can be used in cases of identity theft and unauthorized purchases.

Scareware, Trojans, keyloggers and viruses affect the home or small business computer user directly, creating situations in which home or business documents are compromised or destroyed. These programs and malware collect specific financial data that can be used in fraudulent transactions or even access private communication, family photos and other personal information. Trojans, viruses, keyloggers and scareware tend to be downloaded by end-users who can simply visit a website and click on a link or close a pop-up window.

The best prevention of a cyber security attack is to have the right security tools in place. Internet security suites can provide real-time download security, as well as eliminate or quarantine specific files that are downloaded. This software also provides a level of security from direct hacking attempts through firewall or other applications. Whether on a business, corporate or other network, or in the comfort of one’s living room, understanding the dangers of cyber security threats is imperative to the well-being of financial and other sensitive data, as well as the peace of mind of those most affected by the threats of hackers.

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