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American Intercontinental University Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Law enforcement professionals provide investigation and crime prevention services to the community at large. These men and women can be found working in police departments, public agencies or state and federal government organizations, helping to keep the peace and provide security in communities as well as throughout the world.

Law enforcement careers are demanding, requiring the skills and knowledge of trained professionals that are sworn to protect and serve the public. This training and education can be met through programs like American Intercontinental University’s Law Enforcement Degree program. This program is designed with the busy professional in mind, enabling a flexible schedule and format that can be studied around job and life commitments.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement program from American Intercontinental University grants students a solid foundation of general education requirements as well as insight and experience with the analysis of criminal justice issues, history, ethics and policies. This program focuses on critical thinking and analysis through oral and written communication, concentrating in the studies of crime and its effects on society.

From criminal justice and juvenile justice to criminology and corrections, the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement program from American Intercontinental University enables graduates to obtain a fulfilling career in law enforcement. These careers are expected to increase at a steady rate as police officers and detectives provide criminal justice and law enforcement services to people, within courtrooms and within the government.

Criminal justice careers are diverse and challenging and the jobs of police and law enforcement officers are no exception. These hard working individuals face criminals daily, and the importance of a quality education can make a difference in the ability to provide the safety and peace of mind to the community. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement program from American Intercontinental University arms these men and women with vital tools – education and skills that benefit the safety and security of citizens around the world.

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Kids and Cyber Crime

Cybercrime can happen to anyone, regardless of location or economic status. It is a form of crime that is easy to commit, with computer screens providing a level of anonymity for criminals to hide behind. From financial fraud and identity theft to cyber bullying, these crimes are the result of adults and children willing to break the law through electronic means for financial or personal gain.

The largest factor for children and youth who commit cybercrime is the presence of other children who commit cybercrime. Peer pressure creates an environment for these offenses to occur, and the victims may not appear to be real to kids used to playing video games, watching television and having a desensitized response to the world. Crimes of this nature can seem like harmless fun, especially to those with low impulse control combined with computer skills that rival even the most experienced Cyber Security professional.

The most common cybercrimes committed by juveniles are cyber bullying, downloading media like movies and music, harassment through e-mail, text or social networking sites, the viewing of pornographic materials and hacking into computers and public or private networks. With the media spotlight on the deaths of teenagers and young adults resulting from online harassment and cyber bullying, campaigns across the country have begun to educate these children about the emotional toll these crimes take on victims. Because of the age of these criminals, Cyber Security professionals and law enforcement officials have a difficult time seeking fair punishments, if these juveniles are even convicted. Finding the right balance between educating youth on the effects of cybercrime on the community, or cyber bullying on peers can be a difficult task, and many juveniles continue to commit the same types of crimes regardless of the consequence. Programs that provide tools for reporting cyber bullying and other cybercrimes by those who witness it happen can be one solution in the prevention of these crimes.

Juvenile crimes that occur over the Internet, on computers or through cell phones and text messaging can be just as damaging as verbal threats or crimes that harm personal property. The effects of these crimes, usually only visible to the victim and any family or friends, can be long-lasting and detrimental to the mental and emotional health of those affected. In order to fight the threat of cybercrimes committed by juveniles, a qualified professional with a degree in cyber security can provide a higher level of security and create a zero-tolerance environment that takes control of these devastating crimes.

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Capella University PhD in Public Safety Leadership

Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, terrorist activity and countless natural and man-made emergency situations call for the professional management of crisis intervention risk assessment, evaluation and analysis as well as other emergency, public policy and crisis-related management tasks. When the unthinkable happens, leaders in Public Safety provide the structure, support and answers to communities affected by widespread catastrophes.

A Public Safety & Security Degree from Capella University provides the education required to manage the needs of people during a public disaster. This online degree program focuses on leadership and organizational theories, emphasizing management skills, needs assessment, human resources, training, diversity, and labor relations. The PhD in Public Safety Leadership from Capella University brings executive-level insight into public safety issues to those who intend to work within administration or as consultants to corrections, private and public security companies, public safety organizations, law enforcement, fire or emergency management agencies.

Capella University offers the PhD in Public Safety Leadership online to assist busy professionals attain higher levels of education while still maintaining current life and work obligations. In addition, further specialization within Public Safety Leadership may be added to the online curriculum. Specializations include Fire Service Administration, Forensics, Homeland Security, Nonprofit Management and Leadership and more.

The the PhD in Public Safety Leadership program from Capella University is designed to expand the understanding of the dynamics of all phases of natural and man-made disasters, including implementing public policy and strategies that respond to the emotional nature of humans in crisis. With all of the interest in the management of public safety issues due to weather, terrorism and other infrastructure concerns, the career opportunities in emergency management are expected to grow over the next decade. Public safety and emergency management specialists make an average salary of $55,000 annually, working with local, state and federal agencies.

Having a plan in place is important when it comes to managing the physical, mental and emotional toll a natural or man-made disaster takes on the public. The administrators of these Public Safety policies and procedures help to sustain calm after a disaster, saving lives and providing support to those most affected by the threats of the unknown.

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Women, Prison and Rehabilitation

Ten percent of the prison population is female, an astounding percentage considering that most of those women have children. The rate of incarceration for adult children of prison inmates is higher than that of the non-criminal population. The crisis of women in prison affects more than just those behind the walls and bars of correctional facilities, but also families, relatives, friends and society as a whole.

For these inmates, the ability to maintain gainful employment, support a household and provide for children and family members becomes a struggle without the right experience and education. Yet, education and experience can only be gained with a support system that includes childcare, but funding may not be available. It’s a vicious cycle that allows little opportunity for rehabilitated prisoners to make permanent life changes, and instead, often contributes to the rate of multiple offenses, especially non-violent, drug-related crimes. This cycle also makes the job of a probation or correctional officer difficult, as the ability to provide court monitoring and programs to women inmates is significantly lowered when faced with the lack of support in a family, community or through public policy.

Probation and rehabilitation programs for women are being established in correctional facilities across the country in order to address the lack of job-related skills women in prison face. Probation and correctional officers are able to tap into programs that give women the ability to attain a high school diploma and secure employment after incarceration. Some of these programs allow mothers in prison to care for their newborn children for the first year, helping establish positive bonds that contribute to rehabilitation. Drug and alcohol treatment programs are helping reduce the rates of reoffending among women in prison, as well. Other rehabilitation programs introduce women to skills and education that increase self-esteem and pride, raising expectations of women and providing hope for the future.

While the populations of both men and women in prison are increasing at an alarming rate, it is the women in prison that may face more challenges outside of the facility when it comes to rehabilitation. Supporting the unique challenges women face while in prison and easing the transition into a crime-free life can benefit women and families, helping to lower crime rates overall and give communities much-needed peace of mind.

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Walden University Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Computer Information Systems and Security

Computer and network security are a concern of citizens and businesses across the country. When sensitive data is compromised, the effects can be disastrous, leaving a person or organization to vulnerable to the whims of hackers and cyber thieves. In the criminal justice system, these security concerns can even complicate legal issues and the information used within court systems or public agencies. The demand for computer and network security professionals within the criminal justice industry is increasing in order to eliminate the threat of hackers and other cyber criminals.

The Computer Forensics Degree from Walden University online provides a full spectrum education that prepares future criminal justice professionals for roles within information technology security. This online program gives students the knowledge and skills needed to detect and prevent criminal activity on networks and computers, understand technology infrastructure and basic computer forensics as well as understand any legal, ethical or policy concerns relating to forensic data and investigations. Graduates of this program can easily gain employment in law enforcement, security and consulting positions in all areas of the public and private sectors.

The median annual wages of network systems and data communication analysts within local government positions was $64,000 in 2008 and the industry growth of network security professionals expected to exceed the national average for jobs. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Computer Information Systems and Security from Walden University can provide the tools, training and education needed to begin a career in a vital role that provides security to law enforcement organizations, government administrations and public agencies.

As cyber criminals and hackers continue to exploit the information stored in private and public computer and networks, the need for professionals to secure these systems is high. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Computer Information Systems and Security from Walden University provides a solid education for the busy professional or high school graduate that wishes to pursue a career in computer and network security and forensics within the field of criminal justice.

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New Developments in Forensic Science

Through the use of computers and other technology, advances in forensic science are increasing the capability of law enforcement agencies to provide important physical evidence within court trials and hearings. With this technology, forensic scientists are relentlessly developing new methods, equipment, tools and techniques to detect evidence that links criminals to crimes, as well as help to exonerate suspects accused of crimes that were not committed. This increase in the ability to detect evidence previously passed over by human investigators is opening up new doors in how evidence is collected and handled, and will inevitably change the way in which courts determine the value of materials processed from crime scenes. From detecting fingerprints on clothing to new autopsy procedures, forensic science is finding new ways to discover evidence otherwise undetectable by standard investigative methods.

In one of the most high-profile murder cases today, the evidence that potentially links Casey Anthony to the death of her daughter, Caylee, rests exclusively on the contents of Anthony’s car trunk. This evidence, including an odor and a potential “post mortem banded” hair are what prosecutors consider the connection between the suspect and victim. The technologies involved in determining the cause of the odor, a smell related to decomposing matter, and the attributes of the hair, “banded” in the same manner as hair from a corpse, are breakthroughs in forensic science.

Forensic scientists have also made strides in how fingerprints can be used as evidence, including the ability to detect and recover fingerprints from fabric and clothing, a process that has been. In addition, fingerprints are also being used to detect the presence of condom lubricant, which can be used to link accused rapists to rape victims.

The information and evidence gathered from an autopsy can be instrumental in determining the cause of death of an individual as well as any indications and evidence that can be used in a criminal or civil trial. The ability of forensic scientists to perform an autopsy without surgery is quickly becoming a reality as computers provide a means for examining organs and tissues through catheterization and imaging techniques.

Forensic science has the ability to fully use technology available as a means to provide evidence used in court trials and hearings. As technology continues to develop and more experts endorse the findings of these methods, the field of forensic science will continue to experience tremendous growth and the satisfaction of reducing the number of criminals on the street.

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Kaplan University Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Investigation

Evidence collected from a crime scene, including physical and computer-based evidence, can be instrumental in the prosecution and incarceration of criminals. The methods used in crime scene investigations vary, but the end result is the same: connecting criminals with a crime in order to secure the lives and property of citizens. Professional Crime Scene Investigators are in demand across the country and needed to work in federal, state and local agencies in order to properly discover, collect, and analyze evidence that is left at the scene of a crime.

Kaplan University offers Crime Scene Investigation degree for those interested in pursuing a career as a crime scene technician in law enforcement agencies. This undergraduate degree program combines skills training and academic courses that focus on the theory and history of law enforcement and criminal justice as well as methods and techniques used in crime scene investigations. Students can expect to understand the specific techniques related to searching crime scenes for specific types of evidence, forensic material and other valuable evidence. Also, this program provides a “fast track” accelerated learning option for Kaplan University’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice program, reducing time and tuition costs for students who wish to pursue a graduate-level education.

Crime scene technicians can expect to earn between $29,000 - $43,000 annually within the first five years of employment. The demand for qualified Crime Scene Technicians is predicted to increase as technology develops new methods for identifying and processing crime scene evidence. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Technician from Kaplan University provides the necessary training to ensure graduates are prepared with the latest information and skills needed to accurately perform the job of Crime Scene Investigator.

Kaplan University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Technician enables law enforcement and other professionals gain an understanding of the techniques and methods of criminal investigations while still maintaining current career or life obligations. The online format of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Technician program from Kaplan University is perfect for the busy professional seeking to increase career and educational opportunities while maintaining a stable work-life balance.

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Fireworks and Public Safety

Independence Day brings feelings of excitement and nostalgia to adults and children alike. It is a day for families to celebrate the history and sacrifices made to ensure personal freedoms while enjoying each other’s company. Independence Day marks the height of summer, as well, and many families are eager to celebrate in the sun, by the pool and with friends. The culmination of Independence Day is the grand fireworks displays that are hosted by local communities, organizations and businesses, but the time-honored traditions of “backyard fireworks” runs a close second to these amazing pyrotechnic displays. It is the handling and use of fireworks, however, which can turn a happy Independence Day celebration into an evening visit to the emergency room.

Most state and local authorities have established laws regarding the sale of fireworks based on factors such as the population density or type of land within the area. Densely populated areas, for example, cannot sell large fireworks that could potentially cause fires in a home or neighborhood. Areas that contain an abundance of tall trees may also be restricted in the sales of fireworks, in order to avoid the potential for a forest fire. Public safety officials encourage the public to heed these rules and regulations as a way to ensure the safety of the community. Fines and jail time are consequences for disobeying the local and state fireworks laws, as well as confiscation of any illegal fireworks.

To keep the community safe, Public Safety Officers and law enforcement officials with a Degree in Public Safety refer to the guidelines set forth by the National Council on Fireworks safety. Only use fireworks outdoors and always have a bucket of water nearby in case of an accident. Do not attempt to combine fireworks together, or create your own fireworks, and never try to re-light a “dud” firework. Children under 12 should not be allowed to light or hold fireworks, and every adult needs safety goggles when lighting any firework, especially those that shoots flames or sparks. Do not drink alcohol and light fireworks under any conditions.

Keeping the safety of families, nature and buildings in mind, Public Safety Officers are adamant about the adherence to fireworks safety laws and regulations. Illegal fireworks and improper handling of legal fireworks result in hundreds of accidents each year, from burns to permanent scarring of the face, hands and other body parts. Safety is the most important concern on Independence Day, and by following the basic guidelines set forth by Public Safety officials and the National Council on Fireworks Safety, a happy and fun Independence Day can be had by all.

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American Intercontinental University Bachelor of Information Technology, Computer Forensics

Computer forensics encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including the detection and submission of evidence that can be used in court, businesses or government agencies. Many computer forensics professionals are adept at the use of current software and methods of detection, but as crime and threats advance along with technology, programmers are needed to keep computer forensics technology updated.

American Intercontinental University offers a Bachelor of Information Technology with an emphasis in Computer Forensics for those that wish to pursue a career in the creation and programming of computer forensics software, websites and applications. This degree program combines the curriculum from a Bachelor of Information Technology degree with the specialized knowledge of computer forensics, helping benefit law enforcement agencies, government offices and private computer security companies. These professionals are responsible for understanding computer security concepts as well as the best methods to collect data.

Careers in computer forensics are predicted to maintain a steady growth, with an average annual salary of $51,480. Those who hold a degree in Forensic Science are able to fulfill the job duties of crime laboratory analysts, crime scene investigators, medical examiners, forensic engineers and other criminal justice positions. The Bachelor of Information Technology with an emphasis in Computer Forensics from American Intercontinental University provides an intense curriculum that focuses on operating systems, networking knowledge, programming, database connectivity, collecting evidence in light of legal boundaries and considerations, security tools and practices and other industry requirements.

A Bachelor of Information Technology with an emphasis in Computer Forensics from American Intercontinental University provides students with the education and experience needed to pursue a career that helps ensure the safety and security of people across the world. This degree program is offered online in a flexible format in order to fit the schedule needs of the student. Graduates of the American Intercontinental University Bachelor of Information Technology with an emphasis in Computer Forensics program can expect to work within many different agencies and businesses, especially those that focus on legal, international or public policy issues. As criminal evidence becomes more computer-focused, the ability to quickly detect and analyze data can have a major impact on the outcome of personal or business security. With the American Intercontinental University Bachelor of Information Technology with an emphasis in Computer Forensics program, more computer-related crimes can be detected and prevented, saving countless victims from these computer crimes.

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Problems with Overcrowded Prisons

There are several concerns in the criminal justice and corrections system today, none of which is as pressing as the problem of overcrowded prison. In many states across the country, the inmate population is at a dangerous level, attributing to more crimes being committed both inside and outside of prisons, as well as rampant neglect of prisoner’s mental and physical health needs. The U.S. Supreme Court recently voted to reduce California’s prison population in light of photographs and other evidence that revealed the unacceptable conditions in which California’s prisoners are kept. While California may be in the spotlight now, many other states are facing the same concerns as prison populations grow, yet qualified Correctional Officers and facilities lag behind significantly.

Overcrowded prisons present a problem to the general safety of the public. Without enough resources to provide support, rehabilitation, mental health care and monitoring of prisoners, these men and women may eventually enter into society without the necessary tools to become productive members of society. Repeat offenders are common in prison, and with each offense, no matter its severity, the punishment rendered increases, keeping these men and women within correctional facilities for longer spans of time.

Corrections Officers and Prison Guards are on the front lines in this battle, but are outnumbered by the population they are charged with monitoring. These criminal justice professionals are responsible for maintaining order within the institution and enforcing rules and regulations, as well as monitoring the daily work assigned to prisoners. A Correctional Officer also acts as an escort when prisoners move between areas of the prison or for appointments and court-related activities outside the prison. It is these men and women that provide most of the personal interaction with prisoners, and with overcrowded conditions, it is nearly impossible to keep up with each prisoner’s needs.

In order to offset the population problem in prison and reduce overcrowding, early-release programs and changes in which the populations are divided among types of prisons, as well as different, lower prison population, states, are being implemented in across the country. Incentives for probation offices that keep prisoners from repeating offenses are increasing the results attached to rehabilitation and monitoring efforts outside of prison walls.

There is no magic answer to how to decrease the overcrowding problem faced by prisons and correctional facilities in California and across the country. Current efforts at reducing population levels and providing better monitoring and rehabilitation services both within the facilities and for convicted criminals on parole or probation are working, but the crisis is not over. Correctional Officers are the criminal justice professionals that witness the results of the prison overcrowding and it is the skills and training received from a Correctional Officer program that is vital to the system. These men and women provide the security necessary to help keep the peace within the correctional facility and can be instrumental in the rehabilitation of criminals.

Earn Your Correctional Officer Degree Online

Upon completion, you will have the skills you need to become a Parole or Probation officer, or if you're looking for a Management position, your training will qualify you to work as a Corrections Administrator. Incarcerating and rehabilitating criminals is one of America's most important professions, and you can help fulfill this critical need with an online Corrections degreee. After graduating, you will know the history and development of the Criminal Justice System and its effect on society.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University

The Kaplan University Criminal Justice - Corrections programs help further your expertise in the administrative and operational aspects of the U.S. correctional system, both institutional and community based.

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American InterContinental University Online

American InterContinental University Online

The concentration in Special Populations focuses on the philosophies and processes of the juvenile justice system; the impact of diversity on the criminal justice system as a whole; and the policies and enforcement of drug-related crimes.

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