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Fireworks and Public Safety

Independence Day brings feelings of excitement and nostalgia to adults and children alike. It is a day for families to celebrate the history and sacrifices made to ensure personal freedoms while enjoying each other’s company. Independence Day marks the height of summer, as well, and many families are eager to celebrate in the sun, by the pool and with friends. The culmination of Independence Day is the grand fireworks displays that are hosted by local communities, organizations and businesses, but the time-honored traditions of “backyard fireworks” runs a close second to these amazing pyrotechnic displays. It is the handling and use of fireworks, however, which can turn a happy Independence Day celebration into an evening visit to the emergency room.

Most state and local authorities have established laws regarding the sale of fireworks based on factors such as the population density or type of land within the area. Densely populated areas, for example, cannot sell large fireworks that could potentially cause fires in a home or neighborhood. Areas that contain an abundance of tall trees may also be restricted in the sales of fireworks, in order to avoid the potential for a forest fire. Public safety officials encourage the public to heed these rules and regulations as a way to ensure the safety of the community. Fines and jail time are consequences for disobeying the local and state fireworks laws, as well as confiscation of any illegal fireworks.

To keep the community safe, Public Safety Officers and law enforcement officials with a Degree in Public Safety refer to the guidelines set forth by the National Council on Fireworks safety. Only use fireworks outdoors and always have a bucket of water nearby in case of an accident. Do not attempt to combine fireworks together, or create your own fireworks, and never try to re-light a “dud” firework. Children under 12 should not be allowed to light or hold fireworks, and every adult needs safety goggles when lighting any firework, especially those that shoots flames or sparks. Do not drink alcohol and light fireworks under any conditions.

Keeping the safety of families, nature and buildings in mind, Public Safety Officers are adamant about the adherence to fireworks safety laws and regulations. Illegal fireworks and improper handling of legal fireworks result in hundreds of accidents each year, from burns to permanent scarring of the face, hands and other body parts. Safety is the most important concern on Independence Day, and by following the basic guidelines set forth by Public Safety officials and the National Council on Fireworks Safety, a happy and fun Independence Day can be had by all.

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