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Kaplan University Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Investigation

Evidence collected from a crime scene, including physical and computer-based evidence, can be instrumental in the prosecution and incarceration of criminals. The methods used in crime scene investigations vary, but the end result is the same: connecting criminals with a crime in order to secure the lives and property of citizens. Professional Crime Scene Investigators are in demand across the country and needed to work in federal, state and local agencies in order to properly discover, collect, and analyze evidence that is left at the scene of a crime.

Kaplan University offers Crime Scene Investigation degree for those interested in pursuing a career as a crime scene technician in law enforcement agencies. This undergraduate degree program combines skills training and academic courses that focus on the theory and history of law enforcement and criminal justice as well as methods and techniques used in crime scene investigations. Students can expect to understand the specific techniques related to searching crime scenes for specific types of evidence, forensic material and other valuable evidence. Also, this program provides a “fast track” accelerated learning option for Kaplan University’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice program, reducing time and tuition costs for students who wish to pursue a graduate-level education.

Crime scene technicians can expect to earn between $29,000 - $43,000 annually within the first five years of employment. The demand for qualified Crime Scene Technicians is predicted to increase as technology develops new methods for identifying and processing crime scene evidence. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Technician from Kaplan University provides the necessary training to ensure graduates are prepared with the latest information and skills needed to accurately perform the job of Crime Scene Investigator.

Kaplan University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Technician enables law enforcement and other professionals gain an understanding of the techniques and methods of criminal investigations while still maintaining current career or life obligations. The online format of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Technician program from Kaplan University is perfect for the busy professional seeking to increase career and educational opportunities while maintaining a stable work-life balance.

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