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Walden University Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Computer Information Systems and Security

Computer and network security are a concern of citizens and businesses across the country. When sensitive data is compromised, the effects can be disastrous, leaving a person or organization to vulnerable to the whims of hackers and cyber thieves. In the criminal justice system, these security concerns can even complicate legal issues and the information used within court systems or public agencies. The demand for computer and network security professionals within the criminal justice industry is increasing in order to eliminate the threat of hackers and other cyber criminals.

The Computer Forensics Degree from Walden University online provides a full spectrum education that prepares future criminal justice professionals for roles within information technology security. This online program gives students the knowledge and skills needed to detect and prevent criminal activity on networks and computers, understand technology infrastructure and basic computer forensics as well as understand any legal, ethical or policy concerns relating to forensic data and investigations. Graduates of this program can easily gain employment in law enforcement, security and consulting positions in all areas of the public and private sectors.

The median annual wages of network systems and data communication analysts within local government positions was $64,000 in 2008 and the industry growth of network security professionals expected to exceed the national average for jobs. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Computer Information Systems and Security from Walden University can provide the tools, training and education needed to begin a career in a vital role that provides security to law enforcement organizations, government administrations and public agencies.

As cyber criminals and hackers continue to exploit the information stored in private and public computer and networks, the need for professionals to secure these systems is high. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Computer Information Systems and Security from Walden University provides a solid education for the busy professional or high school graduate that wishes to pursue a career in computer and network security and forensics within the field of criminal justice.

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