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Forensic science careers are a constantly growing area of law enforcement and criminal justice. This progression is largely attributed to the advances in technology that help detect, process, catalog and interpret evidence that is found at crime scenes or on computers, in the case of fraud or other “victimless” crimes.

A Forensic Science career is a challenging path that can take place in an office, on a police beat or within a forensics laboratory. These criminal justice professionals are trained through local or online Forensic Science Degree programs in the delicate art of unraveling small pieces of evidence that may ultimately be used in criminal trials or court hearings to convict or exonerate accused criminals.

A Crime Scene Investigator or Forensic Science Technician is responsible for the collection, identification and preservation of physical evidence that is left at a crime scene or on a victim of a crime. This evidence can include fingerprints, hair or tissue samples, and the results of tests from weapons or other critical evidence collected from a crime scene.  Specialists in this area of Forensic Science include ballistics and weaponry experts, forensic toxicologists, and fingerprint or handwriting analysis experts.

Computer-related offenses and crimes are considered a growing area within law enforcement. This rise in “victimless” crimes is attributed to the use of computers and other devices to embezzle, commit fraud or compromise the security of government, financial and political agencies around the world. Forensic Science professionals such as Forensic Accountants are specially trained in the detection and preservation of data-driven evidence that can be submitted as proof of the guilt or innocence of the accused.

Attention to detail and the ability to determine the relevance of evidence, whether physical or within an e-mail or encrypted on a hard drive are hallmarks of a well-trained and experienced Forensic Science professional. These men and women are a vital part of the criminal justice system, bringing together pieces of a puzzle within the legal system that benefits the victims, as well as the community as a whole.

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