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Computers and Evidence Collection

A computer forensics specialist is a member of an important team of investigators that focus on the potential evidence found on computers, mobile phones and devices. Digital evidence has become increasingly important in the evidentiary procedures within law enforcement and judicial systems, with a wide range of applications that can be used to convict or exonerate accused criminals. The men and women who specialize in computer forensics are highly skilled, with a strong educational foundation based upon the curriculum provided through a local college, university or online criminal forensics degree program.

Much of the evidence collected from a computer or other technology-based device is admissible in court under very strict guidelines. Computer hard drives and memory cards can contain information that was thought deleted or erased, providing insight into a criminal’s motivation, crime details or even directly connecting the criminal to a crime. On a mobile phone, text messages and call logs can be used to produce evidence, and even on the Internet, social media websites and web browsing history may be able to find a place in the legal process.

Because of the reliance on computers and other technology at home or at work, the amount of incriminating evidence found on these devices is astounding. A properly trained computer forensics professional is not only able to safely retrieve the information, but can also interpret its nuances for police and law enforcement, as well as during criminal proceedings and trials. Additionally, with the increased availability of programs and devices that help secure computers and hide or completely erase information, computer forensics professionals can also act as consultants to help develop ways to stay ahead of criminal behavior and its presence on computers.

A digital trail of evidence can be one of the most effective ways to prove the guilt or innocence of an accused criminal. In order to properly process this information according to the guidelines of local, state and federal courts, a computer forensics specialist can be a valuable tool in the fight against crime.

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