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With the field of criminal justice evolving and growing at a rapid rate, the ability to teach the various specializations within the field depends on its instructors and teachers, especially the number of educators available. Throughout the educational world of criminal justice, the right instructors and educators are in demand, especially on a college or graduate school level. Several areas across the country are actively seeking post-secondary criminal justice educators, providing a stable career that combines education and criminal justice, as well as competitive pay.

Most Criminal Justice instructors have a broad range of knowledge in the field. With the many specializations of a Criminal Justice professional, educators have the ability to teach law enforcement, cyber- and technology-related concentrations, forensics and crime scene investigation, criminology, rehabilitation, corrections or any number of disciplines. With the advances in online education, its even possible for a criminal justice instructor to work with students across the world, from an office or even the comfort of home, delivering the essentials of a degree in criminal justice or other related discipline.

Teaching Criminal Justice is more than classroom instruction. Since Criminal Justice professionals are usually found “in the field,” a laboratory, detention facility or law enforcement agency, the opportunities for enhanced learning are abundant. Criminal Justice educators can not only be inventive and engaging instructors, but also provide as many “real world” experiences to students through trips to local law enforcement establishments or corrections facilities, or by emulating the experience of a crime scene investigator, cyber security professional or any number of Criminal Justice specializations. The ultimate goal of a Criminal Justice educator is to impart the academic side of the discipline while creating an experience that can serve the student once working as a Criminal Justice professional.

Careers in Criminal Justice are as varied as the professionals who work in the field, and with each concentration, a qualified instructor can make a huge difference in the amount of knowledge gained while in school, as well as career performance once a student enters the work force. As a true multi-faceted study of Criminal Justice, the Criminal Justice Educator plays a vital role in the entire field of Criminal Justice.

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