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Corrections Professionals are an invaluable force in the criminal justice system. These men and women provide a great deal of hands-on and administrative services within jails, prisons and courts, both through monitoring inmates and keeping them safe and secure within the prison community. In addition to the services provided within a prison system, many Corrections Professionals also fulfill similar duties within agencies and organizations through local, state and federal organizations. A criminal justice professional has many opportunities to succeed within this field, especially those with Correctional Officer training.

Corrections Officers not only ensure the safety of inmates within a prison, but also can act as escorts when an inmate must appear at court or leave the detention facility for other reasons. Within a prison, a Corrections Officer is able to intervene in disputes between inmates, inspect cells, and enforce all rules and regulations of the facility.

Corrections Treatment Professionals are liaisons between Corrections Officers and Probation and Parole officers.  These professionals work as case managers for prisoners and inmates, reporting information to legal agencies and within the court system, as well as initiating and evaluating programs to help prisoners rehabilitate.

Probation Officers handle much of the administration and paperwork involved regarding the disposition of an inmate within the prison system. As a primary contact for the court, a Probation Officer must be able to understand the law, sentencing and the ways that prisoners can benefit from medical, psychological and rehabilitative services.

With the prison population continuing to grow, the need for qualified Corrections Professionals is increasing, especially those that have the appropriate Correctional Officer training. Maintaining order in a detention facility while keeping the best interests of both inmates and the public in mind is an important job. For a Corrections Professional, the right training can make the difference in a stable career within the field of criminal justice.


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