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Mediation in Divorce

The cost of divorce can, at times, be a deciding factor in the approach to the dissolution of a marriage. Lawyers and attorneys can charge daunting, prohibitive fees that discourage each party from entering into a legal battle over property, alimony, child support or custody, and many couples come to agreements that do not fully consider many of the legal rights afforded under the law of a state or local jurisdiction. Additionally, the court system is so flooded with these types of cases, it can take years for a divorce to be settled, causing additional debt to incur, not to mention frustration and resentment.

Mediation is a well-respected alternative to a typical courtroom battle. A mediator, arbitrator or mediation professional is a trusted, unbiased counselor with legal knowledge that can help define and explain the rights of each party within a divorce. A mediator not only attempts to protect the rights of those involved in a divorce, but also serves as a third party source of compromise. Stemming from a legal background, a mediator can be a retired lawyer or attorney, or have experience in counseling or other dispute arbitration. A well-rounded program that focuses on the skills and education needed within mediation can be found at many colleges, universities and online mediation training programs.

One of the more popular methods for reducing litigation costs, mediation also serves to help heal the hurt and emotions of the parties involved.   A mediator is seen as an ally to the parties involved, instead of as an adversary, like the opposing council can appear. By presenting an unbiased image, the mediator provides insight and information throughout the mediation process and can even help a divorced couple begin a new life on less emotional footing. Mediators are also more about the business of divorce, eliminating the need to hear the details of a marriage that is no longer working for the parties involved, instead of presenting those claims within a courtroom.

Keeping the courts clear of unnecessary litigation surrounding divorce saves the time and money of citizens and enourages a more well-balanced approach to marriage dissolution. Mediators provide services that help eliminate the high cost of divorce, and can even reduce the anger and resentment that occurs while couples face divorce.

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