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When a crime occurs, it can shake the security of a community or affect the lives of those living across the globe. The fear of being personally affected by a violent crime can be crippling, but the assurance of a fast response to a crime can do a lot of good in easing the fears of the public. Crimes can range in the difficulty involved with identifying and convicting a suspect, making the investigation of a criminal act and crime scene an important part of the justice system. A well-trained team of Crime Scene Investigators are one of the best ways to reduce the time involved in preventing a criminal from doing more harm, through convicting him or her with the evidence collected from a crime scene.

Crime Scene Investigators are responsible for the actual evidence collection, examination and catalog procedures that help link criminals to crimes that have been committed. These criminal justice professionals have a strong foundation in law enforcement, as well as research and the analysis of evidence found within a crime scene. Many Crime Scene Investigators are called to properly identify, collect, catalog and preserve evidence, while others may specialize in the analysis of clues like fingerprints, computer and digital evidence or ballistics, to name a few.

A professional Crime Scene Investigator can expect to earn an average of $50,000 per year, depending on level of experience, location and education. Those with a degree in crime scene investigation can expect to earn more than a typical criminal justice degree. With the availability of campus-based and online crime scene investigation certifications, criminal justice professionals can easily learn the skills and techniques needed to work as a Crime Scene Investigator.

Much importance has been placed on the rapid solving of crimes, especially with the considerations presented by television shows and movies. While most crimes cannot be solved within an hour, regardless of the level of education and training of Crime Scene Investigators, the services and skills these criminal justice professionals provide is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of the community.

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