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Do You Want to Become a Probation Officer?

Becoming a probation officer requires people to undergo an extensive probation officer training program. Whenever a person is sent off to prison and then released, it is very likely that he/she is placed under a probation period (or parole). This is done to ensure that that person is no longer a threat to public safety.

When an individual is convicted of a crime and placed on probation (instead of being sent to prison), he/she has to be under strict supervision in order to ensure that they are complying with their terms of probation. The officials in charge of this supervision are called probation officers. These are professionals who have undergone an extensive probation officer training to earn that position. There are a number of specialization schools out there, which train probation officers to ensure that they have the required skills to build a good career.

A probation officer is often referred to as a community supervision officer, who has a predetermined set of responsibilities. However, the most significant responsibility involved is to ensure that offenders complete their probation periods. Generally, probation officers are required to be in contact with the offenders and their families as well. Probation officer training programs comprise of training sessions that teach students the communication and public relation skills required. In addition, they also comprise of detailed training sessions that cover the different aspects of the terms of probation of the offenders.

The probation terms of offenders may differ; depending on the seriousness and complexity of the offense committed. For instance, it might be mandatory for some offenders to secure and maintain jobs, attend specialized or rehabilitation classes, or to complete probation programs like substance abuse or drug abuse programs. In some cases, offenders are also given movement tracking monitoring devices. These devices are used to make sure that offenders do not leave their homes if they are placed under house arrests. Alternatively, they are also used to ensure that offenders strictly stick to the allowed distance of movement. For example, some offenders might only be allowed to go to work and back home.

Probation officer training programs ensure that probation officers achieve the knowledge and education related to social work, criminal justice, psychology and other related fields. Some federal governments and states specifically require probation officers to undergo particular probation officer training programs and sessions. These sessions are particularly aimed at ensuring that officers get a sound know-how on the local, state and federal statutes.

Once you’ve completed a probation officer training program either in the associates, bachelors or masters degree programs, you will fully be qualified as a probation officer. Most agencies might also require you to complete some other qualifications as well. For example, you might be required to undergo some exams under physical, psychological, social or criminal justice fields. People that aspire to work in federal systems will first need to have a 2 years work experience in criminal justice. Once such candidates are qualified for admission, they are then required to undergo an on-the-job probation officer training program.

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