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We all need to undergo some kind of a professional training in order to become a professional. Likewise, in order to become a parole officer, you will need to undergo a thorough parole officer training. To become a parole officer, you should first know what a parole officer is.

What is a Parole Officer?
Parole officers are usually confused with probation officers. Although they are both essentially the same, there are just a few minor differences in their duties. On a regular day, we can say that around 7 million of a population is placed under surveillance or correctional supervision. In addition, at least 4 out of the 7 million of the population might actually be under the supervision of probation and parole agencies. First of all, let’s differentiate probation officers and parole officers.

Probation is granted by superior courts, and parole is granted by parole commissions for individuals that have been imprisoned for some time. In simpler words, probation takes place when a judge says that an individual is not going to prison, but is instead going to be put under supervision until a particular period of time. Parole on the other hand, takes place when an individual is released from prison. Both parole and probation officers are also referred to as community supervision officers. To become a parole officer, you will have to go through a parole officer training program. And to become a probation officer, you will have go through a probation officer training program.

Duties of a Parole Officer
Parole, probation, and corrections are the basic duties assigned to parole officers. They monitor and supervise the offenders that are out on parole. A parole officer works with individuals that are released from prison before the scheduled release date. It is the duty of the parole officer to devise a life plan for the released parolees, who do not have a place to go to after they are released from prison. Parole officers help parolees adjust into their new life after being released. They ensure that the parolees do not revert back to any actions that might endanger their parole.

Why Does a Parole Officer Need a Training Program?
A parole officer takes parole officer training programs to learn how to plan activities for the parolees assigned to them. They plan activities like housing, employment, healthcare, drug screening, education and many others. They are trained help parolees go through rehabilitation programs, so as to enable them to fit back into the society.

Parole officers are required to be present at hearings. Depending on their surveillance and interviews with parolees, they are allowed to make recommendations. The job of parole officers is quite risky, since they have to deal with convicts. Due to this, they always carry firearms along with them. Parole officer training programs help them learn how to deal with criminals and handle different situations.

Parole officers are usually employed by the state department of criminal justice, the federal justice department, the state corrections department, juvenile correction centers or the county. As a result, they are required to possess degrees or certifications from parole officer training programs.

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