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Law enforcement is one of the fastest growing fields in criminal justice studies. There are various different law enforcement and criminal justice programs and courses outside standard police training academies. All of these programs and courses are complete packages that allow people to have a strong foundation in the law enforcement field. For those that are passionate about criminal justice studies, law enforcement training serves as an excellent way to set a foot inside the field.

Whether you are someone looking for a job that involves cruising through the streets while working the beat, or a job that requires investigations to solve criminal cases, there definitely exists a law enforcement training program to fit your preference. Law enforcement course prerequisites are based on the job type you are looking for. They range from diplomas to full-scaled bachelors and masters degrees.

Before going for a law enforcement training program, you should first decide the job title you would like. For instance, titles such as a border patroller/patrol agent, U.S marshal, Police Officer or a federal agent. The following are some of the many law enforcement program options you can choose from:

Law Enforcement
As compared to criminal justice, law enforcement is a more in-depth and intensive training program. It prepares students to become professionals in law enforcement. The courses under law enforcement training programs allow students to learn the fundamentals and extensive know-how of the police bureau, judicial procedures, juvenile crime and corrections, as well as law adjudication.

Criminal Justice
Criminal justice is a basic criminology program that generally covers every aspect of standard policing. It also covers the skills required to ensure that law and order are maintained on the streets. Criminal justice is that aspect of law enforcement, which deals with the administration, know-how and expertise required to effectively plan for case investigations. It gives you the knowledge of how to run and manage a precinct. Its curriculum offers a balance of the law enforcement theory, as well as the application of subjects/courses like drug operations, gang activity, law enforcement agencies and correctional services.

Emergency Management
Emergency management law enforcement training is quite similar to homeland security, in that, it offers students both the applied and theoretical approach to managing protection and emergency industries. Programs under emergency management cover communication skills and research methodologies that deal with both public safety and formal security. Graduating from emergency management gives students the benefit of having a number of potential job opportunities and careers. The work opportunities include duties like working with federal government social marketing departments or working on evacuation plans with the police.

Homeland Security
Ever since 9/11, domestic security and terrorism studies have significantly increased in law enforcement training institutes. Homeland security helps build a student’s foundation in overseeing, planning and implementing defense operations. The programs under this category include preparedness and emergency plan implementation. Homeland security programs help train students to effectively respond to situations of terrorist attacks. The training enables students to apply for jobs at government and corporate agencies. However, homeland security programs are less applicable in fields like regular municipal law enforcement.

Forensic Studies
Forensic studies are always highly in demand. Forensic programs are not only about dusting and investigating finger prints; they also include computer forensic courses. As a result of the advancements in computer-based investigations and GPS location tracking, computer forensics is a rapidly expanding field.

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