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Criminology is quite a broad field of study. Its evolution spans several centuries and involves the inclusion of many more practices and ideologies. Contrary to what most people believe, criminological studies are not only limited to police training, criminal justice, paralegal or forensic studies. In fact, they also extend to philosophy.

Back when criminal studies were a new concept, people always wondered what really makes people criminals. People from different walks of life started pondering over the subject quite deeply. Back then, there were no punitive systems or prisons, and so, there was hardly an established means of bringing people to justice the right way. With time, people started wondering whether a person had the choice to become a criminal, or whether humans were born with criminal genes embedded within them. But then, it was certain that not everyone could think like a criminal, so what exactly made criminals act the way they did?

During those days, ideas and philosophies were open game. Those were intense times, when people could imagine things and come up with all sorts of ideologies. Intense subjects like criminology became the debate of the society and people started asking more questions. Such as, can we tell whether certain people are detrimental to the society just by seeing their facial features or structure? Ever since that time, criminology has evolved into a quantitative study, which relies on the synchronized work of philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, lawyers and other specialists.

The use of correlative data and statistics to explain and link physical trends to other subjects like psychological backgrounds, demographics and biology, has helped criminologists develop different theories and corrective means to help keep the society safe. Today, criminology has developed more sophisticated means of understanding and tackling criminals.

Since the field is so diverse, the number of students taking an interest in criminology has increased over the years. The interesting thing is that students need not look to other courses to get connected to criminal studies, especially if they’ve studied something entirely different. The diverse range of related courses gives students the chance to get connected to any aspect of criminal studies they desire. For instance, people that are studying or undergoing police training can also enroll for different subjects of criminal studies.

Several universities also offer degrees that are affiliated or share elective courses with criminal studies directly. The best part is that there are a number of online universities that are offering online degrees in criminal studies. Online degree programs prove to be an excellent choice for people that have completed a primary degree and are looking for a secondary degree in criminology. The duties of a criminologist include preventing crime and assisting other law keepers to ensure that as well. They ensure that the neighborhood is safe from criminal activities.

There are several online resources that offer information about universities that offer online degrees. My Criminal Justice Degree is a good example of an online degree resource platform. It offers wide ranged information about criminal justice degrees and programs. It also offers information on the different universities that are offering online degree programs specifically in criminology.

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