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What is Criminology?

The term was coined by Professor Raffaele Garofalo of Italy. It refers to the study of crime and criminal behavior. The causes and factors of crime, impact on the society, reaction of the society and preventive measures all form a major part of the subject. The study is carried out while keeping both society and individual prospective in mind. A number of different factors are considered to conclude what actually persuaded a criminal to act in the particular manner.
It is widely considered as a branch of sociology that has been into existence for thousands of years now in some form or the other. It is also seen as an explanation to why some acts are considered crimes at a few places while not at others.

Who is a Criminologist?
A person who deals with the different cases related to crime, types of crime, motives behind the crime, prevention and reaction of individual, society, government and media is known as a Criminologist.

Focus Areas of Criminology

A few areas that are the focus of criminology include:
• Crime Location
• Crime Frequency
• Crime Type
• Cause
• Reaction of the entire society
• Reaction of an individual
• Reaction of the Government

Job Functions
Criminologists are known to do a number of different tasks. The rising popularity of the field in recent times is mainly due to the exposure of the field by the television. However, the scope is a lot bigger as shown on TV and the fame a little less. Here is a look at some of the job functions as performed by a criminologist.

Law Enforcement
Criminologists work in close relation with different agencies including police and FBI to name a few. They reach the crime spot and collect valuable data and evidences including fingerprints, tire skid marks, footprint and blood and semen samples to name a few.

The Criminologist would then document his findings in a proper format that would not only help in getting leads in solving the case but also reevaluation of the existing laws, setting up of new ones and understandings the impact of crime on individual and society and developing measure to deal with them.

For those who want to make a career in teaching, Criminology can simply be the perfect option. The demand of the course in growing by every passing year and more and more students are opting for it. The trend is set to continue in the times to come.

How to become a Criminologist?
In order to work as a criminologist, you would need to get an undergraduate degree. For those looking for higher studies, they have the option of pursuing the master’s degree in the field.
The best placed to look for school options providing a course in criminology is the internet. Websites like provides great details not only about the subject but various schools, market salaries and other important facts related to the field.

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