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Computer Forensics Degree

What is Computer Forensics Degree?

A Computer Forensics Degree is a program designed to acquire the skills and knowledge to pursue employment in the field of Computer Forensics. One can pursue bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D. and certificate programs in Computer Forensics as per one’s requirements. A Computer Forensic s Degree can open several avenues to a rewarding career. The employers seek different skills and certifications in a candidate depending upon the nature of the task to be performed.

How can you obtain one?

There are various Forensics Schools and online courses which provide the seeking applicant an opportunity to earn the degree. The seeking applicant must have an analytical mind with a keen interest in Maths and Science, and an extensive knowledge of computers. One can earn the degree in just two years but a high-paid salary and a stable career can be secured with a specialization of the field. Opting for a Master’s Program certainly increases the chances of your getting a job of your dreams.

Job Opportunities

One can find lucrative and highly satisfying jobs in this relatively new field. The profession can prove to be very rewarding for those who enjoy working on computer. Since the cyber crimes are on a high rise, there is a high demand for computer forensic investigators. It has become one of the fastest growing careers in the field of information technology. One can find job openings in the following areas:

• Law Enforcement
• Business
• Consulting Firms
• Government Agencies
• Intelligence Agencies
• Private Security
• Police Force
• Military and other Commercial Corporations

The jobs vary depending on two factors, the type of Computer Forensics degree and the area of specialization. The most popular job in this field is the job of a Computer Forensic Investigator. This profession can fetch attractive remuneration packages which can range from $ 80,000 annually to $ 120,000. The salary depends entirely on the candidate’s experience and his location.

What do the Computer Forensic Investigators do?

The job of the Computer Forensic Investigators is to track down the cyber criminal using a variety of analysis techniques and forensic applications. They recover and investigate digital evidence that can be used in court to convict criminals. The crimes with which the investigators deal with include identity theft, hacking, cyber bullying, cyber terrorism, drug trafficking through encrypted e-mails and internet sources, fraud, embezzlement and other cyber crimes.

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