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Computer related crimes have seen a marked rise in the recent years. It is a true fact that computer controls almost everything around in the modern times and this has also resulted in more computer related criminals coming up. All these result in huge losses to both private and public sectors. Computer forensics is a relatively new field and is attracting a number of people. The demand of professionals of the field is increasing exponentially and trend is set to remain the same in future as well.

The Degree
To become an expert of the field, you need to have a Computer Forensic Degree. There are a number of different colleges in the country that offer bachelor’s or master’s course. After completing the course you would become a certified Information System Security Professional. The course is a unique mix of computer studies and criminal laws of the area and country.

What all You Need to be a Professional?
Certain skill sets are a must in order to achieve success in the field. Besides learning the technical and analytical skills, you would need to understand the:

• Different types of computer storage devices
• Operating systems
• Programming languages
• Software applications
• File formats
• Networking
• Communication
• Security
• Cryptology
• Investigating technique
• Knowledge about forensic software

A degree program related to the field is meant to impart knowledge related to all above and more.

The Online Option
The great news related to the field is that now you have the option of getting your computer forensic degree by using the internet. A number of colleges in US now give you the option of completing courses online and earning an Associate, Bachelor or Master’s Degree. The greatest related advantage is that you do not need to let go of your job to take up the course. You are free to select the study hours as per your convenience.

However, you would surely need to attend the lectures over the net, participate in projects and group discussions and pass the exams.

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