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The role of different types of law enforcers is very crucial for the safety and security of not only one person but the whole nation. Law enforces include policing, investigations and even court reporting. Court reporting is also known s law reporting where spoken and recorded speech are transcribed into the written form. Court reporting is usually used for court hearings, official proceedings and depositions.

Court reporting is not as easy as counting numbers. One needs to have proper training provided by court reporting schools in order to learn the skills and gain knowledge about court reporting. It usually takes one person 2 to 4 years to learn the basic skills of court reporting. To become a voice writer reporter, one needs to train for 6 to 9 months and another one12 to 18 months to become a proficient voice writer reporter. People who want to specialize in this attend court reporting schools and specialized certificate courses.

Online training and distance learning are also available for those who do not have much time and money to go to proper court reporting schools.

Http:// offers online training and education for people who are willing to learn yet experiences time and financial constraint. After trainings and experiences, court reporters can move on to real reporting.

In order to maintain the license of court reporters, they need to attend continuing education. In addition to being a CCR (Certified Court Reporter), some states require court reporters to be public notaries. To become a member of National Court Reporters Association, one must have a minimum speed of 225 words per minute. There are more associations that offer certificates in return to a specific requirement such as speed, accuracy and passing skills test and written exams.

There are skills that a court reporter must possess. All these can be gained through an excellent education taken up from court reporting schools. Required skills include attention to detail, ability to focus, and excellent command of spoken language. Highly skilled court reporters offer real-time transcription and earn a significant amount at the same time.

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