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A number of different popular TV programs have raised the people’s interest in Crime Scene Investigation. The field; however, is not a new one and degree programs are being offered by a number of different colleges for quite some time now. The degree is also offered by the name Forensic Science in a few colleges and is a great program to opt for. A few topics that you would cover during the course include blood splatter analysis and biological specimen analysis. Most colleges offer two types of programs – Bachelor Degree and Master Degree.

Who is a Crime Scene Investigator?
A Crime Scene Investigator is basically a person who plays his part in either collection or analysis of the evidence in order to find out the motive behind the crime, how it was carried out and the culprit. He can be a:

• Crime Scene Medical Examiner: One who examines the body for clues and evidence.

• Crime Lab Analyst: One who performs a number of different tests in the crime lab including Trace test and DNA test to determine what exactly happened at the crime scene.

• Forensic Engineer: One who investigates cases including fire and arson allegations, wrongful injury cases and traffic accidents to name a few.

• Forensic Odontologist: One who is an expert in dental science and used the knowledge to determine identity and understanding what happened on the crime scene.

• Crime Scene Examiner: One who is supposed to visit the crime scene as soon as possible and collect as many evidences as possible. He is also responsible for documenting the entire process and clicking photographs of the place.

Job Description
The job of individual investigator varies as per his profile. Overall, the entire system works in the following manner:

• The Investigator or the team of investigators visits the crime scene. He does not touch anything but take a walk around the entire place to have a grip of what exactly is at hand. He creates the initial theory based on what he sees.

• A second walk through is carried out and the entire details and evidences are documented. Pictures of the evidence and place are also taken. In a few cases, videos are also made.

• Collection of the evidences is done next. The investigator needs to be really careful as a sight mistake can damage a possible evidence. These are collected, packed and marked carefully before sending to the lab.

• The lab analyzes the evidence sent to it by performing a number of different tests and generates a report. This provides useful leads to carry out the investigation.

The wages of the field are quite good and you can expect to earn between $35000 to $70000 based on the ranking and work type.

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